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Will Nail Salons Do Nails With Fungus?

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Will nail salons do nails with fungus? to answer this question I went to different nail salon owners and asked them this question.

They gave me different answers, so continue reading to find out.

Will Nail Salons Do Fingernails With Fungus?

Not all the salons will do your fingernails with fungus, but those that can help you, will want you to use your own nail equipment to avoid spreading fungus to other clients due to contaminated tools used on the infected nail.

Are there nail spa that do nails with fungus?

Yes, but it will come at an extra cost because you will have to buy nail tools that will be used on your nail from the salon or bring your own tools from home to be treated.

It is a way of ensuring that the fungus does not spread in the salon and to their clients.

Can You Get Your Nails Done With A Fungus?

We have two types of nail salons when it comes to doing nails with fungus.

The first type of salon is the one that keep quite and do the nail, maybe is because they don’t know much about abnormal condition of nail fungus and it’s risks…

…or maybe they know but they do your nail anyway just to get money.

The second type will never do your nail if it has nail fungus.

They normally advice you to go see the doctor for treatment first and come back to do your nail as soon as the fungus is gone.

These salons they do not care if they loose you as a client because they told you to see the doctor first,

they are aware of the risks they put you and other clients in if they do your nail with fungus.

Sometimes at the salon they will realize that you have nail fungus while busy doing your nail,

and in this case you will be advised to pay for the tools that where used on your nail…

…and take them home with you to avoid infecting other clients using same tools that where used on you.


That means you will pay the cost for doing your nail plus the price for tools used on your nails.

Can You Get Your Nails Done With A Fungus? Let nail salon owners help us answer this question.

Do Nail Salons Do Nails With Fungus? [Nail salon owners]

Here is what nail salon owners answered my question

If I get client for nail treatment and while I am busy with her nails I notice a fungal infection on their fingernail or toenail I normally ask the client to purchase whatever reusable equipment I used on them [as long as it is not disposable] to avoid spreading fungus in the salon caused by contaminated equipment.

Fungus is a microorganism that spreads easily and quickly so I can not rely on sterilizers to clean the equipment and kill the fungus without contaminating other equipment in the salon that were not used during the treatment because fungus have a tendency of spreading to other clients if not controlled properly.” Carol

“I once had a client who had an odd looking toenail with symptoms like discoloration, thickening of the nail and dryness. I suggested the client to get tested by the doctor to check if it is infection or not. After two days she called to tell me that her doctor was impressed by me telling her to consult the doctor before starting nail treatment.

She came back after two months after given go-ahead by her doctor for normal nail treatment because her fungus was gone and she had a new healthy nail again.” Cynthia


“One day a new client came on friday for pedicure to hide toenail fungus underneath nail polish. I told her it was a bad idea because nail polish makes it difficult for the nail to breath,

makes the environment dark underneath the nail and that is the right condition for the fungus to multiply uncontrollably.

She was not happy with my advice and she went to another nail salon where she got her nails treated but few weeks later she came back to me and told me I was right. Today she is my loyal client due to my honest advice I gave here.” Pink

“I remember one Saturday morning when an elderly woman was the first client of the day, she told me she was sent by one of my regular clients. While I was busy removing nail polish on her toenails I noticed she had an unsightly, brittle and lifted nail.

She told me that she had it for over two years now and she was used to it. I advised her to see a doctor for treatment and she did exactly that and got her fungal nail cleared, I heard from my client. I never saw her again and never will because she passed away few months after seeing her due to cancer.” Nancy

“I do not cut or even file ingrown nails in my nail spa. I am very strict to everyone no matter how long you have been my client. Some people get mad at me and say I do not care about their nails all I want is their money.

Some of my clients stopped coming to my nail salon after I refused treating their ingrown nails. I care about my clients and I do not want to spread fungus among them.” Wendy

Will Nail Salons Do Nails With Fungus

“I have been in nail service industry for over 20 years. I have seen many people with fungal infected nails and they told many adverse reasons why they developed the fungus at the first place.

I have turned away all of them who had nail fungus because my doctor told me that it was an infection and it could spread easily by contaminating things like towels, hands, nail cutters and many more in the salon.

This experience taught me to be firm and I lost some of my valuable clients who took business to other nail salons.” KK

If you ask this question like “can nail salons do nails with fungus?” I advice you to treat fungus first then go to nail salon to do your manicure and pedicure on a healthy and clear nail.

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An alternative effective medicine for nail fungus is funginix, which has a proven record of getting rid of nail fungus.

I believe by now you know what is good for nail fungus if you want to treat it before going to the nail salon.


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