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What Essential Oil Is Good For Nail Fungus

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What Essential Oil Is Good For Nail Fungus

Even though many essential oils are good for nail fungus but oregano oil has proven many times in clinical studies to be the best essential oil for nail fungal infections.

Tea tree oil comes after oregano oil when it comes to effectiveness against fungal infection.

Tea tree essential oil is the answer to what essential oil is good for nail fungus but if you want to know what is the fastest way to cure toenail fungus, oregano essential oil is the answer.

Following are best essential oils that have strong antifungal and antibacterial properties that have proven to get rid of nail infections.

I advice you to use organic oils for quick results click here to learn more.

What Essential Oil Kills Fungus Fast: Why Oregano Oil Is Better Than Tea Tree oil?

Since oregano oil and tea tree oil are the most effective when it comes to treating nail fungus few studies were conducted to identify the best essential oil.

Other essential oils that have been tested in a clinical studies includes coconut oil, manuka oil, olive oil, cinnamon oil, lavender oil, lemon oil and other essential oils.

Oregano oil has a cure rate of more than 80% and tea tree oil has just over 60% cure rate. It was also found in many medical researches that oregano oil can treat fungus caused by molds, dermatophytes and candida yeast.

The results show that it is active not only against infected nail but also against athlete’s foot, jock itch and many skin and nail infections.

The good thing about this essential oil is that it can also be used both orally or/and topically to speed up the healing process.

What Essential Oil Kills Fungus Fast

What Essential Oil Is Good For Nail Fungus? Is It Oregano oil?

It is a products made from oregano plant and has been used for many years to treat different ailments due to it’s antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

When taken orally it is capable of improving your overall health including boosting the immune system and that will subsequently help with recovery.

Due to this high potent natural treatment it is advisable to mix it with a carrier oil to ensure that it does not burn the skin when applied directly on the infected nail and surrounding skin. All rights reserved

How Long Does It Take For Oregano Oil To Cure Toenail Fungus?

It will always differ from person to person when it comes to the time it takes because we are not the same, some people have strong immune system than others and also people do not respond the same to same medications.

Please note that the quality of oregano oil differs from product to product hence I recommend organic and safe product in the market.

All that said, many people are reporting to have taken about 12 weeks to get rid of severe fungal infections.

How To Dilute Oregano Oil For Toenail Fungus

To treat nail fungus you can either use foot soak or apply it directly on the affected nail and both treatments work safely and quickly without causing side effects.

How To Prepare And Use Foot Soak?

Fill a small tub with warm water and add 5 drops of this oil and make sure the Water covers your nails and soak your feet for 30 minutes every day until you killed the fungus in your toenails.

To speed up the healing process apply this oil directly on your nail fungus after mixing it with one of the carrier oils.

How To Apply It Directly On the Nail Fungus?

Add 2-3 drops of oregano oil to a teaspoon of carrier oil like jojoba oil or olive oil. Carrier oil helps with reducing the strength of this essential oil to avoid burning the skin.

Use a dropper or cotton wool to apply anti fungal remedy that is trusted by many and allow it to penetrate for 15 minutes before wearing your socks.

How To Dilute Tea Tree Oil For Toenail Fungus

It was found in a medical research that 5 drops of tea tree oil is effective when is diluted in warm water that is enough to cover your toes in a small tub.

Tea tree oil for nail fungus does not need a carrier oil when used in a foot soak. It is one of the popular treatments for toenail fungus including athlete’s foot and is ranking high among anti fungal essential oils.

How Long Does It Take For Tea Tree Oil To Work On Toenail Fungus?

It depends on many factors like how often do you use the remedy, quality of the products and many more so the results will differ from person to person. For severe infections it will probably take about 16 weeks or more.

How To Prepare Tea Tree Oil Nail Fungus Foot Soak?

To treat fungus nail, tea tree oil foot soak works fast without side effects and you just use it once or twice a day to speed up recovery process. Just like other essential oils…

…use 5 drops mixed with water in a small bath tub and soak your foot for 30 minutes to treat your toenail fungus thoroughly. You may use also other essential oils in conjunction with this treatment.

How To Blend Essential Oils And Treat Nail Fungus Directly

Many antifungal essential oils can be blended together to fight nail fungus just like adding 5 drops of tea tree oil with a teaspoon of jojoba oil which has also proven to treat microorganisms that cause fungi and hinder healthy nail growth.

Apply it on the infected toe using a cotton ball and allow it to penetrate for at least 15 minutes.

A study reviewed these essential oils and found that they are able to clear the nails and keep the doctor and medication like clotrimazole away.

It is important to implement information you learn from this article in order to reap the benefits whether you have a severe toenail fungus or not.

The great thing about these essential oils is that they are available every where and they are alternatives to laser, cream, nails lacquer treatments.

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For more info on essential oils you can use for nail infections send full name, email address regarding this or other published articles. All rights reserved.

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Free Cheat Sheet Reveals Secrets To Get Rid Of Stubborn Nail Fungus For Good

Download this cheat sheet and get rid of nail fungus without taking toxic pills, removing infected nails or spending money on expensive treatments that do not work

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