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How To Use The Best UV Light For Nail Fungus And Get Results

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Phototherapy treatments like infrared, laser and UV light are commonly used to treat diseases like onychomycosis, psoriasis, rubrum, vitiligo and many more.

These therapeutic devices like uv light for nail fungus are used to help human being to deal with nail and skin diseases .

Light treatment for nail fungus can be a convenient way to get rid of nail fungus in a short period of time whether you have a severe infection or not.

Can I Use UV Nail Dryer For Toenail Fungus?

There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that nail polish dryer can get rid of nail fungus.

It was a solution that was discussed in a forum called whereby a user shared her experience of using ultraviolet nail polish dryer to kill nail fungus.

She explained that she had 30 minutes daily sessions 3-4 times a week and the process lasted her 4 months to get rid of nail fungal infections.

I advice people to use UV nail polish dryer for nail fungus daily for
30 minutes until they got rid of fungus.

The Benefit Of Using A UV Nail Dryer Over UV Lamp

UV nail dryer was made to dry the nail with a blast of concentrated UV rays that hit the nail directly, and the same radiation can be used to get rid of nail fungus completely.

It is easy to operate, you just put it down and insert your nail while watching television or doing something you enjoy doing.

UV nail polish dryer is a portable devices that is affordable, easy to carry around and easy to use.

Does Sunlight Kill Toenail Fungus?

The sunlight has three ultraviolet wavelengths called UVA (long wave), UVB (medium wave) and UVC (short wave).

Only two rays which is UVA and UVB are reaching the planet
earth because UVC is trapped on the atmosphere and does not reach the earth.

Both sunlight rays can be used effective and successfully against nail fungus.

There is a gentleman who claimed to have gotten rid of his toenail fungus by just exposing his nail fungus to sunlight for a minimum of 30 minutes a day for the whole summer time.

Sunlight is used to kill fungus inside shoes and socks by exposing them to the sun for about 1 hour.

Sunlight can be used as an effective alternative to UV shoe sanitizer but the disadvantage of using sunlight on shoes is that it can cause the shoe to shrink…

…and this might cause a discomfort when wearing the shoe or the shoe will wear off faster than it should.

We also benefit from sunlight exposure by absorbing vitamin D through our skin.

I have not come across a person who was able to treat nail fungus using vitamin D3 which is a vitamin D supplement.

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Toenail Fungus – Sunlight Magnifying Glass As A Solution

This is an experience shared by a user on one of the forums dedicated to teaching people about nail fungus.

This guy named Tom used a 6 inch magnifying glass to focus sunlight uv rays on the fungus infected toenail.

This irradiation lasted for 1 minute after moving the uvb rays around the whole nail and he was feeling a slight but not painful burning sensation.

He did about 25 sessions in a span of almost 2 months and he started to see new nail growing from the cuticle without fungus and it took about a year
to have a fully grown toenail that was free from discoloration, dryness, brittle and cracks.

After the treatment he started to use anti fungal moisturizer regularly to
avoid reinfection.

What Are Side Effects Of Using Sunlight To Kill Nail Fungus?

Treating your nail infection with sunlight might expose your whole body or just small part of your skin to harsh sunlight radiation that is capable of causing skin cancer.

It is advisable to use sunscreen on your skin and to avoid staying for a long time on the sun.

Dr Mercola – Toenail Fungus Therapeutic Treatments Tips

He popularized the concept of UVB sunlight rays as the most effective radiation against fungus than UVA and UVC wavelength but all of the three can kill nail fungus and other pathogens.

He also explained that UVC rays are trapped in the atmosphere and can not reach the earth and since they are effective at disinfecting, artificial UVC emitting lamps are created to help with disinfection.

Does UV Light Kill Fungus?

This kind of medical treatment is called phototherapy and is effective against nail fungus by exposing an infected nail to one of these three UV rays ( UVA-long wave, UVB- medium wave, UVC- Short wave) for a certain period of time.

Any lamp that emits one of these wavelength is able to kill nail infection.

The sunlight beam penetrates the nail up to the nail bed and disinfect, kill fungus and provides vitamin D at the same time.

How Long Does It Take UV Light To Kill Fungus?

How long it takes to kill nail fungus using UVB light differ from person to person more especially is based on the severity of the nail fungus infection…

…but people with mild infection claim to kill nail fungus in one session but if you have a severe case you might need to apply it few times before seeing positive results.

How To Use A Hand Held UV Lamp For Nail Fungus?

It is important to read the instruction correctly and carefully before using your handhelp UV light because these devices they come with different instructions because they are not made the same.

As long as you do not use the lamp more than the recommended operating time ,then there should not be a problem.

Does UV Light Kill Fungus In Shoes?

There are studies that show that ultraviolet light is the best way to kill fungus in your shoes and this includes sunlight rays.

There are many shoe sanitizers that you can choose from.

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What Are Disadvantages Of Using Ultraviolet Light For Nail Fungus?

Ultraviolet light is capable of burning the skin when exposed to the skin for a long time.

Do not allow your eyes to be exposed to radiation emitting from UV light because it will damage your eyes.

What Are Advantages Of Using Ultraviolet Lights For Nails Fungus Treatment

UV light works faster for nail infection than creams, medications and home remedies.

UV light completely destroys fungal spores and that avoids the chances of re-infection.

Does UV Light Kill Fungal Spores?

It is scientifically proven that ultraviolet lamp radiation kills fungal spores, harsh bacteria and unwanted pathogens.

UVC emitting devices are used to disinfect areas that have high concentration of germs like hospitals.

Research laboratories that work with fungi they use UVB and UVC to sterilize their equipment and working environment.

There is vast evidence that ultraviolet radiation kills fungal spores in all areas including nail bed and nail cuticles.

UVA, UVB and UVC can be used in air conditioned areas or poorly ventilated areas to kill fungal spores in the air that is capable of transferring infection from one place to the other.

My Conclusion For UV Light For Nail Fungus

My story is little bit different because I used topical medicine to get rid of my nail infection.

I wrote an article about how medical pedicure can help get rid of nail fungus fast.

Dr Oz recommended tea tree oil for nail fungus treatment.

I share it at zetaclear review.


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