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How To Use Truremedy Naturals Foot Soak For Nail Fungus

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Have you been looking for a natural solution to your nail fungus?

Have you tried one of the many treatments out there, but they didn’t work for you or caused side effects and the treatment wasn’t worth it?

Truremedy Naturals Foot Soak offers a 100% organic and all-natural foot soak that is designed to help with nail fungus.

This foot soak uses natural ingredients like tea tree oil and epsom salt to fight nail fungus while also providing relief from common fungal symptoms such as itchiness, pain, and soreness.

In this blog post we will review one of the best foot soaks and share our experience using the product.

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Truremedy Naturals Foot Bath Pro’s

It works like it’s supposed to. But you have to use it every day for several weeks before you see any improvement on your toe nail fungus. – Mavis

After my boyfriend almost two weeks of using this foot soak, the toenail fungus he had is finally disappearing! My boyfriend suffered from a fungal infection under his toe nails and with this foot soak it was starting to clear up. It took him about 2 weeks to see significant improvement like smoother surface and less discoloration. – Carol

I’ve been dealing with toe nail fungus for so long that it’s embarrassing to admit, but my doctor refused to give me any treatment because of the associated liver damage. After some research and reading reviews I decided to go with this product. It’s been less than a full month since I started using this foot soak salt and I could already see a major improvement. Now, when I have bare feet around the house, it doesn’t bother me anymore. Just ordered my second bag and can’t wait until this awful fungus is gone. – Dorothy

I am very grateful for the already mixed combo of tea tree oil and Epsom salts that provide me with great protection against germs. For many years I struggled with a nail fungus. But this solution has made it much easier to care for my problem. – James


Ok, so this stuff really stinks. It also seems to be working on my long-time toe fungus though. I’ve taken Rx for it more than once and the Rx always seems to work but the fungus always comes back no matter what. But this time, one toe…same one all the time. It’s really getting rid of my fungal infection. – Glen

I think this salt mix has really helped my feet. I’ve been struggling with a fungal nail infection due to long days wearing waterproof boots. Changing socks, powders, creams and more have done nothing. This seems to be helping a lot though! Smells good, feels good and overall it’s worth the money. – Jones

I love this product! This was the first time I tried it, but it cleared up my nail fungus and softened my feet. The next time when I need to buy a foot soak for skin or nail infection – this is what I’ll get. – Andy

I have been plagued with fungus on my nails for the last few months. I’ve tried everything in the book to get rid of it, but nothing has been successful. I started using this foot soak just a week ago and my nail is finally clearing up! I ordered more to keep in case I have nail infection in the future. – Jane

This product has helped eradicate toenail fungus as well as keeping my feet feeling rejuvenated. I’m glad that I bought this product. – Diana

Buy truremedy naturals foot soak now on amazon here

Truremedy Natural Foot Soak Con’s

The only downside is that the scent is very strong. Thank goodness we have face masks during covid to put over our noses and eyes when soaking my feet, otherwise I would feel like I was suffocating. – Alfred


Even though the scent is strong, I struggle a lot with the smell during foot bath. I stopped using it because of this. – Martha

The bag was much smaller than I expected. I think the price is high for this small bag, so it won’t work for me. – Steven

The smell is overpowering! And there isn’t anywhere in my house that it doesn’t seem to be. The smell is of the spearmint gum I usually like, but with a much stronger intensity, which ends up being more off-putting than anything else. I’ll not be using this product again because I was expecting a more like botanical fragrance. – Kyne

The scent is strong when opening the package, and despite that it’s a little more expensive than other products working to do the same job. – Richard

The only issue I had with the experience was that it smelled too strongly of menthol. The only downside to this process is that the smell of menthol is strong enough to bother some people. – Jim

My Conclusion

If you’ve been struggling with nail fungus, it may be time to try a new product. Truremedy naturals foot soak is designed specifically for the treatment of fungal nails and has an average rating of four stars on Amazon.

The low price point makes this option more affordable than many other treatments but they also offer their own money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase!

Which do you prefer?

  • A) Foot soak that costs less and does not work or
  • B) Product at higher cost but working effectively?

Let us know in the comments below!

Truremedy Naturals Foot Soak is a product that has been around for years and people have come to trust it. 91% of the reviews were 4 stars or more which means that most people are satisfied with this foot soak.

The 9% who didn’t like this product said they found it to be a small package for this price and this treatment smell very strong for them they can’t stand it. We recommend you try out truremedy naturals foot soak yourself to see if you notice any change in your nails, feet and athlete‘s foot r alternatively try fung away foot soak.

Buy truremedy naturals foot soak now on amazon here

I recommend you use this foot bath in conjunction with a topical treatment to speed up the healing process. I wrote a zetaclear review to explain how I got rid of my toenail fungus because it’s one of the few over the counter treatments I recommend for nail infections. Alternatively read fungi nail antifungal pen reviews.


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