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Best Prescription Medication For Nail Fungus

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Prescription medication for nail fungus

Your doctor can give you prescription medication for nail fungus that is either taken orally or is used topically.

Both treatment methods have side effects that should be taken into consideration before your doctor choose the right remedy for you.

It is very important to disclose to your podiatrist all your health problems that are affecting you and the medication you are taking because this plays a big role as to want kind of treatment you get because some of these medicines…

…they can react to other medications and also when you have heart and kidney problems it will be high risk to get oral medicine.

If you continue reading I will share with you safer and quick working anti fungal solutions that you can rely on to kill toenail fungus in less than 8 weeks for severe toenail infections.

What Are Prescription Medication For Nail Fungus

Oral treatment can either be a tablet, soft gel or liquid that is transported to the infected toenail via bloodstream. Normally this treatment is used as a last resort after trying other remedies and not being able to kill the nail infection due to it’s harsh side effects.


It is effective against fungus that is caused by candida or dermatophytes. It can be used in conjunction with other medicines because it does not react when used with them at the same time.


Itraconazole is a type of treatment that works best for many fungi species like molds, candida and dermatophytes.


Among oral medications for toenail fungus ketoconazole is not commonly used because it is less effective against fungus when it is compared to other oral treatments.

Prescription Tablets For Toenail Fungus


Terbinafine is the most common effective treatment for toenail fungus because it is capable of getting rid of many species of funugs like non-dermatophytes, dermatophytes and yeast including white superficial onychomycosis and distal sublingual onychomycosis. Lamisil is a common brand name terbinafine is sold under.


This treatment is ideal for fingernail fungus and is seldom used to treat toenail fungal infection but it treats only fungus caused by dermatophytes. Avoid using it at all costs because it can cause unwanted effects on your toenail.

Alternatively you can use natural way to kill toenail fungus to avoid unwanted effects.

What Are Prescription Oral Medication For Toenail Fungus Risks

To get rid of toenail fungal infections using this medication can cause side effects that range from headaches, stomach aches, dizziness, rash and bowel complications and some of them react with other medications like diabetic medication, cholesterol treatment and sleeping pills. These medications should not be taken by pregnant women, breast feeding women and people with heart problem.

Topical Prescription Medicine For Toenail Fungus

This solution is a safe fungal treatment when is compared to medicine taken orally. It is important to seek medical advice before using this nail lacquer. It should only be applied on the toenail not skin around it.

To get rid of toenail fungus you need to apply it once or twice a week. These products will help you with toenail fungus without complications, you just need to be patient because it takes 48 weeks for a complete toenail disease removal.


This antifungal drug is sold under penlac brand name. It is a topical solution for both toenails and fingernails and is applied once a day preferably before bed time.

The treatment will take about 6 to 12 months to totally treat your toenail infection. Every after 7 days remove medication from the toenail by wiping it off using alcohol.


Efinaconazole is a generic name and is sold under brand names clenafin and jublia and is approved to be used in american countries and japan. If it is used on children a family member should apply a thin layer for their safety. Use this treatment once a day for at least 48 weeks.

Topical Prescription Medicine For Toenail Fungus


Amorolfine is a topical solution for toenail fungus infection and it’s brand names are loceryl, Curanail, Clavusimyl, Omicur. Use this medication one time a week on your toenail infection and do not apply it on the skin around the toenail.

What Are Topical Prescription Meds For Toenail Fungus Risks?

This medicine has less risks when it is compared to oral medicine but it takes longer than oral med to kill toenail fungus. It will cause certain conditions like itching, redness, swelling and health care professionals should be consulted immediately after experiencing any change on your toenail condition.

What Is The Best Prescription Medication For Toenail Fungus?

It was found in many studies that terbinafine is the best prescribed cure for toenail fungus and it was found in a research that it can kill almost all species of fungi causing microorganisms like dermatophytes, molds and yeast candida.

New Prescription Medication For Toenail Fungus?

Tavaborole is a new treatment for nails that have fungus and is sold under the brand name kerydin. It is applied once a day for 48 weeks before you can clear your toenail fungus and may cause side effects just like other drugs.

all above mentioned prescribed medicines are available at your local drug-stores in your home town and will work for you as long as you follow the instructional information given by the doctor.

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Free Cheat Sheet Reveals Secrets To Get Rid Of Stubborn Nail Fungus For Good

Download this cheat sheet and get rid of nail fungus without taking toxic pills, removing infected nails or spending money on expensive treatments that do not work