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What Is The Best Over The Counter Treatment For Nail Fungus?

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Over The Counter Treatment For Nail Fungus

This article is not just about one over the counter treatment for nail fungus but ten effective treatments because there is no medication that works 100% of the time for all types of nail fungal infections.

All these products mentioned here have cure rate of more than 80% and are available on amazon.

In the following list I have provided topical, antifungal nail lacquer, antifungal foot soak and nail repair pen which can be used individually or in combination to speed up the healing process.

All these medications are available without prescription from the doctor and they have proven to kill both skin and nail infections without causing any side effects.

They are safe to use unlike oral antifungal medication that causes adverse effects like kidney or liver damage.

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Do Over-The-Counter Nail Fungus Treatments Work?

Not all over-the-counter medications work for nail fungal infections, that is one of the reasons I chose only ten treatments out of hundreds and hundreds of products but only few are effective therapies for onychomycosis.

These remedies have thousands of positive verified reviews online made by satisfied customers after using them successfully for treating fungal infections.

They are made with natural antifungal and antiseptic ingredients like tea tree oil, coconut oil, oregano oil and many more.

Due to many authentic reviews available online I think we do not need medical research to prove their efficacy against fungal toenails.

According to previous users these are over-the-counter(otc) treatments they say they used to treat all conditions including mild and severe infections.

What Is The Best Over-The-Counter For Toenail Fungus?

These otc products are not as popular as penlac nail lacquer and lamisil but people are starting to hear good news about them and who knows maybe one day your doctor may recommend one of them for your infections.

Kerasil fungal nail renewal medicine is the best topical treatment in the market now and has proven to improve appearance of the nails in just a week.

 Best Over-The-Counter For Toenail Fungus

Topical Treatments

These are anti fungal ointments that are applied directly on the fungal infection.

Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment

Kerasal is the most recommended product by doctors for getting rid of toenail fungus and is proven to improve the appearance of the nails within a week.

It is effective against nail fungus and has curing rate of more than 90% with clinical prove to reduce discoloration, reduce thickness and hydrate brittle nails.

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Fine-vine Superbalm

This ointment is not effective only against skin and nail fungal infection but can also help treat ailments like jock itch, eczema, ringworm, athlete’s foot including dry cracked skin.

It is made in USA and is suitable for the whole family including children and pregnant women.

It is better than home remedies because it can help with many common diseases. It is one of the best topical treatments that penetrates deep into the nail bed and may help you with many health problems related to skin and nails.

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EXTRA STRONG Finger & Toenail Fungus Treatment by foot cure

It is made in USA with potent antifungal essential oils like tea tree, oregano, almond, lemon, peppermint, manuka and lavender. It is effective against fungus caused by molds, candida and dermatophytes and is backed by 60 days money back guarantee.

It takes average of 12 weeks to be fungus free and will help you avoid the complete removal of the toenail. You just need to apply it at least once daily to take care of your unsightly condition.

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Antifungal Nail Polishes

Antifungal Nail Polishes

Dr.’s Remedy All Natural Anti Fungal Nail Polish

You do not need to read many books in order to learn about natural non toxic nail polish because this site has all the important information. Dr’s remedy comes in different colors which are also suitable for men who can not stand colorful nail lacquers…

…and is quick to dry and it allows the nails to breathe easily. It helps with instantly covering ugly infected nails and getting rid of toenail fungus at the same time.

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Anti-fungal Foot Soak

Purely Northwest Foot And Nail Soak

It is a natural blend of effective essential oils for worst cases of fungal infection for both skin and nail ailments like ringworm, yeast, jock itch and yeast. It is a type of medication you do not want to live without made in liquid foam and should not be taken orally. It does not cause adverse effects.

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FineVine Foot Soak 

This foot soak is made of ingredients that have antifungal properties and is best when used in conjunction with fine-vine superbalm cream for both your feet and fingernails. Using both of them at the same time is the option that will help you with quick recovery.

If you are in search of drugs that will get rid of nail fungus without seeking medical advice from the doctors these medications may be top products you will find out there.

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Nail Fungus Repair Pens

Antifungal nail repair pens are easy to use without causing any mess or taking your time to get rid of fungal infection.

Ariella Toenail And Nail Repair Pen 

This powerful formula has been an effective treatment against both fingernails and toenails infection. It penetrates deeply into the nail bed and may also restore damaged nails without pain and protects them from further damage.

It easily normalizes the conditions of the cracked, unsightly, discoloration, brittle nails and may also boost the health condition of the nail bed.

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Arishine Fungus Treatment – Over The Counter Treatment For Nail Fungus

This new remedy is as effective as a drug like lamisil however works without causing side effects. It is made of strong ingredients that are featured on effective common medications and is applied on the infected nail and the skin around it. Please let us know if you are content with this remedy and use it as often as possible to clear the fungal sign as well.

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Puriderma Fingernail And Toenail Repair Pen

It is a fast and effective toenail fungus repair that shows visible results after 2 weeks of application. It restores the natural shine and boosts the overall health of the nail without consulting the doctor for medical advice and all rights reserved.

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I used a topical medication that is available over-the-counter and I share my whole story at review of zetaclear. For those who prefer home remedies, I share tea tree oil nail fungus before after pictures and apple cider vinegar foot soak for nail fungus here for you to see how effective these treatments are.


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