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Oregano Oil For Toenail Fungus

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oregano oil for toenail fungus

Do you know that it is possible to kill toenail fungus not using over-the-counter medicine?

Do you agree with me when I say it is not easy to find effective toenail fungus remedy?

In this article I show you that it is possible to treat toenail fungus within few weeks using natural remedy.

I recommend oregano oil for toenail fungus because it is the strong fungus treatment with healing power.

It is a step by step guide to try oregano oil to finally get rid of nail fungus.

I also share different studies by number of universities of how effective this oregano essential oil is against toenail fungus and yeast infections.

I saw how strong oregano oil is after recommending it to my colleague who had a fungus on the left toe.

In just 3 weeks the conditions improved and new nail was growing and he was completely healed with a fully grown nail in the sixth month.

You will also learn about the side effects, health benefits, correct dosage and how to treat fungal nail.

Here I have done my part by giving you the right information to treat infected toenails and your job is to try this knowledge to have positive results.

Using oregano oil is a sure fire way to kill toenail fungus permanently

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What Is Oregano Oil?

It is made from oregano plant called origanum vulgare that belongs to the mint family. It has two main ingredients called thymol and carvacrol.

Both of them are antimicrobial, antiviral and anti fungal.

This plant has much high concentration of important compounds that have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

It is an antifungal agent that can be used both topically and orally to treat toenails infection.

It also contains narigin and rosmarinic acid that help to boost the immune system and they both have antimicrobial agents.

Make sure you use the right quality product to experience positive result free from side effects.

How To Use Oregano Oil To Treat Fungal Nail Infection

Before you try it, I advice people it is important to start by cleaning your affected nail with soap and warm water.

Let it dry before you put the oregano natural solution.

Warning- If you have a sensitive skin you need to add oregano to carrier oil such as coconut or black seed oil to reduce the strength.

Always use carrier oils like jojoba and olive oil when using strong essential natural oils.

oregano oil for nail fungus

Direct Application

You don’t need much just add three droplets of oil to teaspoon of either jojoba oil or olive oil and apply solution on the cotton wool and tape it to the affected area for 30 minutes.

Allow it to penetrate before removing the cotton and after that wear your socks or you may not wear anything.


Add 2-3 drops of it with carrier oil such as olive oil and put it on the nail and allow it to penetrate to the nail bed for 30 minutes before you wear your socks. Follow this everyday in the morning and evening

Foot soak

You need a tub and fill it with hot water that is enough to cover your feet. It must be as hot as you can handle and Add five droplets of oregano oil into it. Soak your feet for 30 minutes and follow this every day until the new nail has fully grown.

Oral Treatment

When taken orally, you need to add two to three drops of oregano oil to one teaspoon of any vegetable oil. Ensure you use the essential oil that is suitable for consumption and take the recommended dosage to avoid related side effects.

Take it in the morning preferably before taking any food. If taken in high dosage it can cause digestive problems. Please Note: pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use the oregano oil orally. You can tackle the fungus both internally and externally at the same time to maximize your results.

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Oregano Oil For Toe nail Fungus Pros and Cons


  • Majority of medical studies and experiments are proving that oregano oil can indeed treat toenail fungus. Ask your doctor.
  • It can be used both internally and externally to tackle nail fungus infections effectively.
  • It is a treatment for different ailments so taking it might help you with other illnesses not only fungal infections including pain.
  • It is found in common nail fungal treatments such as zane hellas fungus stop.


  • It is side effects free except when applying undiluted oil can cause redness and burning sensation on the skin around the nail.
  • When consumed in high dosage can cause digestive problems.

Click here to learn more about oregano oil for toe nail fungus pro’s and con’s. There are no adverse effects when using oregano in the right way for related skin condition and affected nails.

Oregano Oil For Toe nail Fungus (Before and After)

Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures when I witnessed my toenail fungus healing. You need persistence and consistency to finally get rid of nail fungal infections for good. It takes 4-6 weeks to see the results. He was applying oregano oil on the infected nail twice a day.

My friend choose to apply it directly on the nail by putting 3 droplets in the morning and before going to sleep. Today his nail is clear and does not even show the sign of the fungus ever been there and that is the power of essential oils that is provided by mother nature.

Can Oregano Oil Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus?

Different studies are showing that oregano oil has successfully killed nail fungal infection due to carvacrol and it’s strong antifungal and antivirus properties.

After many experiments, department of pharmacology at the university of athens concluded that carvacrol is effective to get rid of different kinds of fungi, bacteria and viruses that are found in human body.

Study at georgetown university found that only few drops of oregano oil are required to clear the nail. (rights reserved) They put candida albicans in a dish and added oil inside.

It was also found by department of horticulture and national food safety and toxicology center at michigan state that carvacrol has strong antifungal properties that are able to kill fungus.

The department of plant physiology in belgrade experimented with different essential oils to identify oils that could heal toenail fungus.

Repeatedly, it was found that oregano oil could kill many types of fungi more than tea tree oil. That is how it was called the best oil for nail health. Above studies confirm that this oil has strong antiviral and antifungal properties that are able to kill different types of fungi.

Among other essential oils, oregano oil has proven to have broadest and most effective fungicidal action due to carvacrol and can be used to disinfect the shoes by just spraying inside the shoes.

Carvacrol is an effective remedy of candida and yeast infections.

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Oregano oil is a strong nail solution and it is better than tea tree oil, thanks to carvacrol. Both tea tree and oregano plant are known for vast health benefits. It is a cheaper alternative to lasers and over the counter treatments.

Just ensure you use high quality oil and follow the regime every day for few weeks and you will be done. Do not forget that these microorganism thrives in dark, warm and damp environment so keep your feet and shoes dry at all times.

You only need one remedy and apply it daily for you to finally clear your nails.

I cleared my nails in less than 12 weeks and go to this zetaclear review to learn more.

Many essential oils have anti-fungal properties and proven to kill nail fungus infections including skin infections. Hydrogen peroxide is good for toenail fungus (also good for the skin) and can be used to soak your feet (nail) before applying toenail fungus oregano oil and click here to learn about the best nail fungus remedies.

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Free Cheat Sheet Reveals Secrets To Get Rid Of Stubborn Nail Fungus For Good

Download this cheat sheet and get rid of nail fungus without taking toxic pills, removing infected nails or spending money on expensive treatments that do not work

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