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How To Use Neem Oil For Nail Fungus

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Nail fungus is an unpleasant condition that can be difficult to treat.

The only way to get rid of your nail fungus for good is by using powerful anti-fungal medications, but these are expensive and come with side effects.

One natural solution you may want to try is topical neem oil for nail fungus.

Neem oil has been used in India for centuries as a treatment for many problems, including nail fungus. 

You may have tried many over-the-counter treatments, but nothing has worked so far…until now!

Neem oil for nail fungus has been shown to be an effective treatment for this condition in clinical trials.

This blog post will go into what you need to know about neem oil, how it works, how to use neem oil topically to treat your nail fungus naturally and effectively and where you can find it. 

Does Neem Oil Kill Toenail Fungus

The nail fungus sufferer’s dilemma is that there are so many different options available to them, but they don’t know which one is best.

Neem oil has been around for a while now and it seems like everyone who suffers from the condition has tried it at least once. But does neem actually work? Is it worth your time and money? 

It has powerful antifungal properties which makes it perfect for treating nail fungus (among other things).

Neem oil is a natural anti-fungal that can be used to treat nail fungus. It has been proven effective in treating fungal infections in the nails and preventing recurrence of infection.

Take note that this treatment does not always work, but it is worth giving a try if you are suffering from chronic nail fungus. 

Neem oil has long been recognized as an effective remedy for many conditions including skin ailments like psoriasis and eczema. A recent study by researchers at the University of Nigeria found neem extract to be 100% successful in treating nail fungus when applied topically over an 18 month period.

The majority of those who tried using neem extracts reported improvement after 12 months while some people saw improvement in less than 12 months.

How To Use Neem Oil For Fungal Nail Infection


Many of us have heard about neem oil before, but what is it really? And how do you use it to treat your nail fungus? Neem oil is an all-purpose oil that can be used for many different purposes.

It has been shown to work as a powerful fungicide and antifungal agent. You have probably heard of neem oil for treating many ailments, but what about using it to treat nail fungus?

Neem oil is a natural anti-fungal and has been used for centuries in India. It’s also one of the best home remedies for nail fungus because it can be applied directly on the nails. 

To use neem oil as a treatment for fungal Nail infection: 

-Apply 2 drops of pure organic neem oil to your nails twice daily until you see improvement. Be sure to wear gloves when applying so that you don’t get any on your skin or fingers. 

-You may need more than two drops if your nail is thick or discolored, so feel free to experiment with different doses.

Is Neem Oil Good For Nail Fungus

Neem oil is an essential oil that has been used for centuries. It’s anti-fungal properties are great for nail fungus sufferers and it also moisturizes the skin,

which can help with dryness often seen in those suffering from nail fungus. It is said to be more effective than other oils because of its unique composition of chemicals. 

Neem Oil For Toenail Fungus Reviews


“There are few neem oil for toenail fungus reviews available online of people who successfully treated their nail fungal infection using this product.”

“It clearly shows that this treatment does not work for all types of fungal infections but only works for mild and minor infections.”

“If you tried many medications for nail fungus and still have the infection, just give neem oil a chance.”

“Within the first 24 hours of using my new bottle of neem oil mixed with some eucalyptus, tea tree oil and lavender, my toenail fungus that I have not been able to get rid of using prescription medication for the past five weeks, is now almost completely gone. I even put it on skin irritation and felt instant relief I would recommend this to everybody.”

“This clears up any kind of nail fungus amazingly fast! I developed nail fungus on my left toe, and neem oil worked faster and better than the $179 oral antifungal prescription.”

“I read all the previous comments about this product and was prepared for a foul odor. It is not that bad at all. It’s a natural smell, better to tolerate than the smells of unhealthy chemical concoctions that are prevalent these days.. I have been using this product for less than a month in order to treat my pesky nail fungus.”

“I have some nail infections that are difficult to cure. This neem oil is improving those nail conditions every day. I am very happy with this treatment and I will definitely buy again.”

My Conclusion Using Neem Oil For Nail Fungus

If you want to get rid of your fungal infection, but don’t have the time or money for a prescription treatment that may not work, neem oil could be just what you need.

Neem has powerful anti-fungal properties and can destroy this fungus without destroying healthy tissue in its wake. It is also entirely natural so there are no side effects like those with some pharmaceutical treatments.

Apply two drops daily until you get rid of your fungal infection! I used topical treatment to kill my toenail fungus and I share my story on review of zetaclear. If you are looking for the best nail polish to cover up your toenail infection go to nail polish for fungus on toes or alternatively try apple cider vinegar for toe nail fungus.


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Free Cheat Sheet Reveals Secrets To Get Rid Of Stubborn Nail Fungus For Good

Download this cheat sheet and get rid of nail fungus without taking toxic pills, removing infected nails or spending money on expensive treatments that do not work

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