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7 Nail Fungus Myths And Facts You Need To Know

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Today I am busting some of nail fungus myths that are making people to give up the fight against this infection. Number of infection cases are increasing and people are failing to eradicate this microorganism and other related ailments due to wrong information they have.

Following facts will equip you well with the right mindset that is needed to clear your fungi. Please note that it is not easy but possible to treat toenail and fingernail infection as long as you follow the right process.

#1 Myth:

Many people believe they can clear and restore fungal nails. The approach they use when they treat their fungal infections is that they try to clear already dry, brittle and sometimes discolored nails which is often difficult if not impossible.

This is one of the reasons why many people are struggling to get rid of toenail fungus because as soon as they don’t see improvements they will stop treatment and search for the next treatment that will get rid of the infection.


To clear fungus on your toes you need to focus your energy on growing a healthy fungus-free nails until they have replaced the old infected nails. To achieve this goal, use a strong antifungal remedy twice a day to make sure you protect the new nail from being infected and to nourish it so that it is strong, healthy and grows fast. Making this slight change to your approach will help you get rid of toenail fungus.

#2 Myth:

We are being told that nail fungal infection can be cured in less than a month. There are people who say they have cured their toenail fungus in less than a month and I believe they had an infection that looked like nail fungus but was other non fungal infection. There are many nail infections that look like nail fungus and can be treated faster because they do not cause severe damage on the nail.


It takes a minimum of 6 months to grow healthy nails to replace old brittle, dry, thick sometimes cracked nails. There are people who take over a year to fully grow their nails, so because of these reasons I do not believe toenail fungus can be cured in a month or less.

#3 Myth:

Thickening and discoloration of the toes does not mean you have fungal infection. There are other microorganism that look like fungal nail but are not. A podiatrist takes a sample of the nail and send it to the lab for analysis to identify the cause of the infection but most of us just use naked eye to diagnose infections.


Many pathogens such as psoriasis look like toenail fungus and they confuse many people because they use remedies that cure onychomycosis to treat their non-fungal related infections.


#4 Myth:

It is a common believe that toenail fungus is not curable, you just need to learn to live with it and this is just one of the myths I hear from people. This myth is spread by people who have given up fighting against toenail fungus.


Toenail fungus is curable but treatment takes time. Proper diagnoses is very important in order to use the right medication. It can be cured by either home remedies, topical or surgical treatments. You don’t even need to visit a medical doctor to treat your fungal feet.

#5 Myth:

There are people who believe toenail fungus is harmless and will just go away on it’s own. This is one of the myths that make people to do nothing with their unsightly nails until it is difficult to get rid of.


Toenail fungus if left untreated will be severe and may cause other infections like jock itch, athlete’s foot, ringworm and many more. It is also capable of spreading to other family members, colleagues and anyone close to you. Ignoring toenail fungus does not put only you in danger but everyone close to you.

#6 Myth:

It is a common myth that proper hygiene can prevent toenail fungus infection. It can not be denied that taking a good care of your feet will minimize the appearance of unwanted pathogens that may cause ailments but it does not totally eliminate all the microorganisms. It is important to always wash your feet with warm water and soap before you wear clean shoes and socks.


Fungus is an infection, found every where including in our bodies and you can be in contact with it at any time. Whether you eat a healthy diet or your hygiene is top notch it does not matter you may still be infected. People who go to salon are at risk if hygiene is not practiced properly in that environment. Beware of nail polish because it may aggravate the condition of your toenails.

#7 Myth:

Some people believe that only surgery or laser can cure toenail fungus and using home remedies and topical medication is a waste of time. Usually people with ill health like diabetics, it is true that they face problems when trying to remove fungal toes infections with home made treatments because it is not only their nails that have pain but they have weak immune system and they are vulnerable to other ailments.


Fungal infection can be cured using different types of treatments however it may take longer to clear your nails with home made treatments than it would with laser treatment.

The best way to get rid of onychomycosis is to use a product that has proven to clear both toe and fingernails and applying the medication consistently until the new healthy nails have replaced the old dry cracked nails. This process takes time but is one that guarantees fungus-free toenail.

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Bob Jones is a former toenail fungus sufferer who is passionate about helping fellow nail fungus sufferers learn about effective treatments. His knowledge about nail fungus helped many people get rid of their fungal infection.

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