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Light Treatment For Nail Fungus

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Light Treatment For Nail Fungus

This article answers questions asked related to light treatment for nail fungus like ‘does it cure fungi”,

“how long does it take to kill it”, “how to use it safely and effectively”, “advantages and disadvantages of using it” and

where to buy good quality products.

What Is UV Light Treatment For Nail Fungus

It is one of effective treatments against bacteria, virus and fungus and is called phototherapy.

It is classified in three waves namely long wave (UV-A), medium (UV-B) and short wave (UV-C).

These are waves that are emitted by the sun but UV-C is absorbed by the atmosphere and is not allowed to reach the earth and it helps nature to clean the germs and bacteria on the atmosphere.

Since UV-C is the most effective wave against many infections, scientists have found a way to create an artificial wavelength using light and has been used in hospitals, labs and water treatment plants to disinfect for over 100 years.

A UV lamp emits wavelengths that are exposed to an infected area for a certain period of time to work.

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Does UV Lamp Treatment Kill Fungus?

We still need more studies to prove the efficacy of lamp treatment but at least we have hand-full of medical researches proving short wave emitted by artificial lamps to be one of the best treatment for nail fungus without causing side effects…

…that you get when using antifungal oral medications and is cost effective compared to expensive laser therapy that will cost you an arm and a leg per session.

How Long Does It Take UV Lamp To Kill Fungus?

These UV lights are made by different companies and they work differently. Others emit more light than others that means you will need less time than the other product that emits less wavelength to get rid of onychomycosis.

It also depends on the severity of your infection because you will take less time to heal if you have a mild fungal infection. There are people who claim to have seen results after two sessions of treatment.

How Long Does It Take UV Lamp To Kill Fungus

How To Use A Hand Held UV Lamp For Nail Fungus?

As I have mentioned above about different UV lamps made at different companies it is important to read the instructions from the manufacturer carefully and follow them to the letter T to ensure that you use the nail treatments for fungus…

…properly without exceeding the recommended time for operating the device and correctly to achieve wanted results. Hand held devices are easy to handle, operate and to use on your toenail fungus you can use it while watching television.

Can I Use UV Lamp Kills Fungus In My Shoes?

It has been proven in medical studies that UV lamp kills onychomycosis whether it is in the shoes, nail care tools even in the towels. So it can be used successfully as fungal nail treatment and shoe sanitizer.

The sunlight has also proven to kill fungi in the shoe so it can be used as an alternative as long as you do not leave the shoe for a long time exposed to sunlight because it might shrink and cause pain when you are wearing them.

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What Are Disadvantages Of Using Light For Toenail Fungus?

Many people are raising concerns about using UV lamps on their body and more especially when we have information about elements like laser and radiation that they can cause side effects. UV lamps are capable of burning the skin (Though it radiates less heat than laser therapy) or damage your eyes if you are exposed to radiation emitting from the lamp for a prolonged time…

…so it is important to use the lamp according to recommendation of the manufacturer to avoid harmful effects caused by using this product if there is any. In a nut shell if you use this device according to the manufacturer’s manual you won’t experience any problems especially using it within the recommended time.

What Are Disadvantages Of Using Light For Toenail Fungus

What Are Advantages Of Using Ultraviolet Lamps For Nails Fungus Treatment

It works faster that other treatments like topical and more especially oral medications that are known for working faster. This nail fungus treatment does not cause harmful effects when used to treat the nail fungus unlike oral medicine that cause complications to the liver.

Wavelengths are reaching beyond nail bed where the fungi resides quicker and deeply better than topical medications that take longer to reach deep inside the infected nail. It can be used to disinfect many things in the house including shoes to keep fungus at bay and this reduces the chances of getting re-infected.

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How Effective Is UV Lamp Against Fungal Spores?

It was found in a scientific research that ultraviolet lamp is not just used effectively against fungal infections it can also be used to kill fungal spores in your proximity. It is one of the reasons why UV lamps are used to sanitize the air in poorly ventilated areas like in hospitals and research labs and it’s also used to sterilize equipment that is used in industrial areas, labs and hospitals.

It is known for killing all unwanted pathogens like bacteria, germs, virus, fungi and many more. Light therapy is a preferred first line of defense against fungus in the research labs that work with fungus. The good thing about destroying all spores with a UV lamp is that you wont get re-infected because fungi causing spores will be totally eliminated.

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Free Cheat Sheet Reveals Secrets To Get Rid Of Stubborn Nail Fungus For Good

Download this cheat sheet and get rid of nail fungus without taking toxic pills, removing infected nails or spending money on expensive treatments that do not work

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