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Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment Reviews

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If you’re a nail fungus sufferer, you know the pain and embarrassment of having unsightly nails.

You may have tried everything to get rid of your nail fungus, but nothing has worked.

Now there is hope!

Kerasal offers an exclusive formula for nail renewal treatment that will help make your nails healthy again.

I’ve created this blog post to share with you other people’s kerasal fungal nail renewal treatment reviews so you can determine if it’s right for you or not.

Kerasal is a topical application that’s been available for years and has been shown to help sufferers of nail fungus.

Kerasal fungal nail renewal reviews are abundant on the internet because it is such an effective treatment option for those who suffer from this condition.

It’s important to find out whether there are some side effects associated with using this product before you decide whether or not you’ll purchase it.

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Kerasal Toe Fungus Treatment Pro’s

It works! I got injured on my big toe and had to consult the podiatrist to have it removed. I stupidly went for a pedicure before it was fully grown. Got infected with toenail fungus that made my toenail hardened, dry, brittle and gross. Out of frustration I tried many natural treatments that did not work for me until I tried kerasal nail fungal treatment on my affected nail. I have used it now for four weeks and the fungal infection is almost gone – Chris

Use kerasal for your toenails it works, I took these before and after photos only two weeks apart but the improvement is astonishing. I will use it for the recommended 8 weeks or until it is finished – Dave

I have used many treatments before and once had my toenail removed and still the stubborn fungal infection would return. As a long distance runner I have always had a fungus on my toes. I have just finished the first tube and I see lot of appearance improvement in discoloration and nail thickness. I ordered the second tube to get rid of the remaining infection. I recommend kerasal nail renewal to treat ugly toe nail fungus and I rate it 5 stars because this stuff works – Mavis

I have tried numerous antifungal treatments for years and nothing worked for my toenails. I tried treatments like listerine, bleach and many more but after using kerasal I saw improvement on the nails appearance in less than a month. Today my feet are fungus free and I give 5 star ratings to this product – William


I’m 73 and have had unsightly toe fungus for over half of my life. Podiatrists have given me prescription medications before and had my liver checked regularly but still couldn’t cure fungi on my toes. This topical antifungal product cleared more than 90% of ugly nails infection and I will purchase the second tube to see the full effect of this product. It has reduced the thickness of the affected nails and the improvement on the appearance of the toe nails is out of this world – Cecilia

This fungal nail renewal treatment deserves 5 stars! Since using kerasal nail treatment my toe nail fungus is disappearing everyday. It works better than anything I have used before to treat my fungal toenails. I thank myself for choosing this product for my nails – Carol

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Kerasal Nail Fungal Treatment Con’s

I started using this medication yesterday and what I noticed is that this product takes quite a bit of time to dry and I don’t have the time in the morning to wait for it to get dry – Sonia

I did not finish the whole treatment because I started to develop skin rash, so it didn’t work for me. My skin infection faded immediately after stopping using the toenail fungus cure – Gavin

This was the second tube I bought for my wife and the first one managed to get rid of more than 80% of the infection. I normally apply a thin layer of this product on my wife’s feet in the morning and evening but after only four applications the tube was empty. I believe it wasn’t filled properly and I feel ripped off. I expect another tube to be sent for free after reporting this matter – Silvester

I have been using this regularly before going to bed and I wait for about 15 minutes for it to dry. I don’t apply it in the morning because I don’t have 15 minutes to wait for it to dry. I wish it could dry immediately after application – Mabel


I have been using kerasal for a week now and I have not seen any improvement on the appearance of my nail fungus like the description on the back of product container says it takes one week to see improvement -Sarah

I have been applying kerasal nail fungal treatment twice a day for 1 week and I have realized that it takes longer to dry on my nails. I always need 10-15 minutes for it to penetrate the nail bed – Margarita

Kerasal seemed to work for my fungi after 3 days of treatment but I developed hives. I didn’t stop with the treatment and hives became severe. Hives cleared when I stopped using this antifungal product. The infection was severe enough to keep me awake during the night. I think hives were caused by applying kerasal on my feet – Kenneth

Kerasal Reviews Before And After Pics

These are before and after photos after using fungal nail renewal treatment for just over eight weeks. It clearly shows that it works effectively against fungal infections.

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Conclusion – Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment Reviews

These kerasal fungal nail renewal reviews clearly show that this treatment is effective against nail fungal infection and will improve the appearance of the nails within few weeks depending on the severity of the toenail fungus. It reduces nail discoloration, moisturizes thickened nails and soothes dry brittle nails within first week of use.

Negative reviews are made by people who bought fake kerasal nail fungal renewal treatment online. Active ingredient like urea, lactic acid, propylene glycol and sodium hydroxide disodium edta make this product a right fit to cure fungal infections. Alternatively you can get zetaclear and I wrote zetaclear review to share more about it or Dr scholls fungal nail treatment. or lastly go to fungi nail antifungal liquid reviews.


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Free Cheat Sheet Reveals Secrets To Get Rid Of Stubborn Nail Fungus For Good

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