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Images Of Finger Nail Fungus

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Images Of Finger Nail Fungus

Since onychomycosis is caused by more than one type of fungus, following images of finger nail fungus are showing different symptoms and infection at an early stage,

when it is mild, severe, healing and include the pictures of fungus caused by fake nails, black fingernail, fungus under and at the base of the nail.

If you continue reading you will learn about best treatments for infected nail as well as how to instantly and safely cover your fungal nail infections.

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Fingernail Fungus Pictures Early Stage

Fingernail Fungus Pictures Early Stage

Fungus in this stage is just beginning and is still on the nail plate and has not penetrated deep into the nail bed. Looking at the skin around the nail does not show any signs of redness or swelling even the cuticle is still intact.

The color is natural and smooth at the base of the nail and does not have fungus yet it is at the tip of the nail and when the infection grows it will cover the whole nail plate and will penetrate deep into the nail bed.

Images Of Finger Nail Fungus – Mild

Pics Of Fingernail Fungus Mild

The skin around the nail and the nail plate are already dry even though only 50% of the nail has white patches which started at the base of the nail and if left unattended will cover the whole plate.

Dryness has caused the cuticle to crack and this is dangerous because the opening will allow unwanted pathogens to enter and cause the infection to be worse.

Photos Of Fingernail Fungus Severe

Photos Of Fingernail Fungus Severe

It is a stage where your nail is unsightly and makes you uncomfortable exposing it to the public. Nail plate is almost destroyed and the infection is already at the nail bed and it looks like a part of the nail has fallen off. At this stage the infection can be painful when you touch hard surfaces, skin around the nail is reddish in color and it also looks like the skin has swollen a bit and most of the time at this stage the nail is completely dead.

To restore a nail to it’s natural condition you need good quality fungal treatments and it will take at least six months because that is how long it takes to develop a new nail to replace the infected one.

Pictures Of Fingernail Fungus Healing

Pictures Of Fingernail Fungus Healing

This is how the nail looks after getting proper treatment. It looks like the nail plate is free from fungus because it is smooth, has it’s natural color even though it has small white patches that are fading away due to antifungal medication. The cuticle is intact and the skin around the nail is not reddish, swollen, dry or painful.

Here it is evident that the infection is healing you just need to wait until your new nail to be fully grown to replace the imperfect nail and the process takes about 6-12 months because some people take longer than others to grow new nails.

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Fingernail Fungus From Fake Nails

Fingernail Fungus From Fake Nails

Fungal infection can be caused by wearing fake nails and normally you will notice discoloration when you remove fake nails. It is a common infection on women and they experience white, brown or yellow patches. The downside of this is that you are left with unsightly nails that make you wish to cover them instantly and most people make the mistake of using ordinary polish to hide them.

I recommend anti-fungal nail polish to treat this condition because it instantly covers the nails and get rid of the infection at the same time. Anti fungal nail polish can help to get rid of discoloration in less than two weeks. At this stage the infection is on the nail plate not deep in the nail bed, the skin around the nail and the cuticle they both look healthy even the edge of the nail is not jagged.

Fingernail Fungus At Base Of Nail

Fingernail Fungus At Base Of Nail

This infection started at the base of the nail and grew until it covered the whole nail. It started with discoloration and dried the whole nail causing the nail edge to be jagged. Since this infection started at the base of the nail, the skin at the base of the nail has swollen and due to dryness the nail is cracked and falls off piece by piece.

At the early stages of this fungal infection cuticle separates from the nail plate and creates an opening that will allow unwanted microorganisms to enter the nail and make the infection worse.

Fingernail Fungus Under Nails

Fingernail Fungus Under Nails

This type of fungal nail infection appears to be under the nail cause nail plate does not look like it has infection but a white, brown or yellow spot is visible below the infected nail. It is common on people with weak immune system and is found on people with serious health problems like diabetes.

I advice any person with this fungi to seek medical advice diagnosis because this can be a sign of a very serious disease that affects both toenails and fingernails and may be a symptom of diseases like cancer.

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Pictures Of Black Finger Nail Fungus

Pictures Of Black Finger Nail Fungus

As the name suggests, black fungal nail is identified by black spot on the nails and some times is not caused by fungal nail infection so it is important to see the doctor for a full diagnosis and the results will tell if you have nail infection or not because it can also be caused by an injury to the nail.

If you know you never had an injury on your nail and you are not sure if it is fungal nail infection or not please seek medical diagnosis or treatment from medical professionals because they have right equipment to provide medical advice diagnosis.

When you have fungal nail infections like this you are advised not to wear artificial nails and to use medically reviewed medications until your symptoms and other fungal infections are gone.

What is the best home remedy for fingernail fungus?

The best home treatment for fingernail onychomycosis can either be used as a topical or oral treatment and can be used simultaneously to speed up the healing process.

Organic oregano oil has proven to be one of the effective medicines and can also be used on the toenail. Just add three drops of oregano oil to a teaspoon of olive oil or jojoba oil and take it as oral antifugal treatment or apply it directly on the infection or soak your foot for 30 minutes daily by add three drops of oregano oil with teaspoon of olive oil and add with water in a small bath tub. It is capable of treating all types of fungus caused by either molds, dermatophytes and yeast candida. Do you know that vapo rub treats nail fungus.

What Is The Best Over-the-counter treatment For Fingernail Fungal Infection?

Since you do not know if molds, dermatophytes or yeast candida caused your fungal nail infection it is vital to use a treatment that has proven to kill all types of fungal causes.

Kerasal fungal nail renewal treatment has shown in a clinical study to get rid of fungal nail infections within a month and is capable of improving nail appearance within a week. I share my story of how I got rid of fungal nail infection in less than a month on review of zetaclear and how to end nail fungus quickly and safely.


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