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Getting A Pedicure With Nail Fungus – The Ultimate Guide

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Getting A Pedicure With Nail Fungus

One of the questions I hear over and over again is about getting a pedicure with nail fungus and I set out to answer it fully including how to get a professional pedicure with nail fungus,

The pros and cons of pedicure with toe fungus, how to give yourself a pedi with nail fungal infection and will nail salons do pedicure with nail infection.

Also included is an answer to ”can a pedi cure nail fungus?”

…and I share how to cover fungal nails instantly with an antifungal nail polish that has many colors including colorless…

…for those who do not like bright colors on their nails including men.

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Can You Get A Professional Pedicure With Toenail Fungus?

A professional pedicure with toenail fungus is the best option for people who want to get rid of their infection without risking their health and do not know how to do it themselves. Medical pedicure commonly known as medi pedi is a treatment done by a health practitioner who specializes with foot diseases and medications and has studied for over four years to learn this craft.

Their work consists of therapeutic, medical and cosmetic treatment of all the ailments on the feet like athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, corns, calluses, ingrown nail and many more. These highly skilled foot care specialists they perform a non invasive and dry procedure to adhere to strict hygienic, safety and health standards that make sure that all equipment used is properly sanitized before and after treatment.

Will Nail Salons Do Pedicures If You Have Toenail Fungus?

There are two types of salons, there one that will do a pedicure with nail fungal infection and the one that will not do it at all. Let’s start with the first type that will do it, some times you go to the salon without knowing you have the fungus or/and the nail technician does not know about nail infection so they take tools and start with cutting, filling, polishing and nourishing your feet…

…or the nail tech is aware of the fungi but just do the pedi anyway. So it is very important to tell the nail tech about your nail infection when you call for appointment so that they know before treatment starts to avoid spreading it. Some of the nail parlors they will ask you to bring your own equipment when you come for a pedi to avoid spreading the infection in the salon…

Will Nail Salons Do Pedicures If You Have Toenail Fungus

…and spreading it to other clients via tools that are used and if they realize that you have fungal infection during treatment they will ask you to pay for the tools that were used on you and take them home to avoid contamination of the nail parlor.

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The second type is that one that will not do a pedi on your feet because you have toenail fungus and they don’t want to spread fungal infections from one client to the other. They may send you to the right podiatrist to help you clear your toes.

How To Give Yourself A Pedicure With Toenail Fungus?

You need to see your doctor first to confirm that you have toenail fungus before doing pedi because the are infections that look the same as fungus and are not. For those who are sure that they have fungal toenails you will need pedicure tools and anti-fungal polish to pamper yourself. It is important to keep in mind that only antifungal polish will help you to keep fungal infections at bay.

Use the equipment to cut, file and trim your nails and be extra careful when dealing with the cuticle (do not tamper with it if possible) to avoid cutting it badly and causing injury to yourself and this may be an entry for more fungus to enter your body. The next step is applying polish on your nails to make them look beautiful, hide toenail fungus instantly and kill fungus at the same time. This type of polish takes longer than the usual polish and you will have to use nails polish remover after a certain period…

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…and you will notice improved nails appearances due to discoloration and fungus fading off. If you have skin fungal infections you need to apply fungal medicine on your feet every time after you wake up and before going to bed to get rid of it quickly. Severe toenail fungus might cause skin infections like athlete’s foot, jock itch, calluses and other skin problems that you need to deal with separately using this topical medication.

How To Give Yourself A Pedicure With Toenail Fungus

Can A Pedicure Fix Nail Fungus?

Yes a pedi can help people with fungal nails as long as you are medically treated by a professional podiatrist or you use an antifungal nail polish that is proven to work successfully and effectively on fungal nails. Going for a medical pedi is not viable solution for everybody because it comes at a price buy for those people who are on a budget I recommend that you buy an antifungal polish

…and take it with you to the salon so that they apply it on your nails every time not ordinary polish because it will make your infection worse. It is also what you will need when you give yourself a pedi at home as long as you have pedi tools. Please note that it takes longer to clear your toenails than finger nails so you need extra patience to be fungus free.

Can A Pedicure Fix Nail Fungus

Conclusion For Getting A Pedicure With Nail Fungus

Go get a pedicure with nail fungus as long as you go for a medical pedicure that is done professionally by a medical doctor or do it yourself using right tools including antifungal nail polish to finally get rid of fungal infections.

I also struggled with fungal toenails and I used to search for help everywhere until a stranger told me to use a topical medication that may also help with skin infections. I share my story at zetaclear review of how I got help for my skin and feet and also how I keep fungal nails at bay. Is undecylenic acid 25 good for nail fungus?

Today my nails are healthy and sometimes I utilize anti-fungal spray on my shoes as often as possible before wearing them to disinfect them. These are good and clean tips (as they say) to give your skin and feet related infections a second chance. I encourage you to email me or subscribe to my newsletter if you still want me to show you best new offer. I have written a hydrogen peroxide for nail fungus reviews for those thinking of using home remedies.

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