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Fungi Nail Antifungal Pen Reviews

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Do you suffer from a nail fungus? If so, this post may be of some help.

This is an article about Fungi Nail Antifungal Pen reviews that has been designed to provide relief for people who are suffering from the symptoms of nail fungus and its effects on their nails.

Hopefully our research will help you make an informed decision about whether or not Fungi Nail Pen is right for your needs. I share both positive and negative reviews to help you make an informed decision whether to use it or not for your fungal infection.

If you’ve been struggling with nail fungus, then you know how difficult it can be to get rid of the infection.

Some people have had success with over-the-counter products like Fungi Nail Pen but are they worth the price?

We scoured customer reviews and found that some people say this product is a miracle cure while others complain about its effectiveness or side effects.

We also found on Amazon that customers who bought this product were surprised by how expensive it was for such a small bottle! 

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Fungi Nail Pen Reviews Pro’s

Works. It worked on my big toe nail to kill the fungus and the nail is growing back slowly but surely. This takes patience, as it can take a long time for an infected portion of nail to grow out (which was not pleasant). Applied 3x a day morning, after showering or bathing, and at night. – Betty

Works great! Putting this on twice a day is a bit annoying and I often forget, so I have to put it on again the next day. But it really helps with stubborn nail fungus and is much cheaper than going to the doctor. – Nicole

I have used the undercylenic acid 25% solution from ‘Fungi Nail,’ and it has really worked. – Gerald

Six months ago I picked up some kind of fungus on my feet and it made my toenails disgusting. I tried everything, but nothing worked so well as this product which I put directly onto my nails every day for at least few minutes twice a day. – Chester

The only drawback to this treatment is the amount of time it takes for your nail to grow out fully and healthy. – Dan


I also recommend wearing flip flops, sandals and changing your socks often. I think I got nail fungus from wearing combat boots to work all summer and my feet sweating. it does take a long time to get rid of it though, like 8 months for me. This is the only best nail fungus treatment that worked for me. Jackie

The only product I have tried so far to improve the symptoms of my nail fungus has been fungi nail pen. After applying for several nights, it quieted the burning and pain in my toenails which went on for days afterwards. I did not use every day, but rather when flareups occurred and this seemed to be enough in my case. – John

In spite of this product being watery, it has stayed in contact with my skin. I’ve used it on my toes at night and wear socks while sleeping. This is the first product that has worked for me and it’s beginning to work- slowly but surely. The smell isn’t too bad either. – Pinky

Excellent product, I have had a fungus on my large toe which made my nail thick, layered and discolored. In about two months of use, the mushroom-like layer began to flake away and became weak to the point where I was able to remove small pieces until finally I was able to start seeing a normal healthy toe nail. – Ezra

I had a huge problem with my nail, it was embarrassing and made me feel bad about myself. Thankfully this product helped remove the fungus. – Hazel

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Fungi Nail Antifungal Pen Reviews Con’s

I can’t believe I actually fell for false advertising. The bottle shows a toenail, but if you read the label it states this product will not work on nails – which is what most people use it for. It seems like they took advantage of consumers so don’t be fooled by these lies. – Veronica

Its called FUNGI Nail… it has a nail on the package. But small print says its not effective for nails and scalp. – Freddy

The product is called fungi nail but it’s written on the package that you can not use it for nails. I am sending this back for refund. – Kathy

Please note that these negative reviews are about false labeling of this medicine but many people are using it without reading the small print and they are achieving great results with this treatment.


Does Fungi Nail Pen Work For Nail Fungus?

Many people have trouble with their nails due to fungi and fungus. This is a difficult problem that many are not sure how to handle. One way that helps is using a nail fungus pen, but you might be wondering if it works or not.

You don’t have to worry about paying expensive prices or visiting the doctor’s office because Fungi Nail Pen [from kramer laboratories] is an at-home nail fungus treatment that works.

If you’re looking for an easier treatment option, we recommend the Fungi Nail Antifungal Pen. It contains 10% Tolnaftate topical solution in each pen applicator which penetrates deep into your nail bed to kill the fungi on contact.

Fungi Nail Pen Before And After

Pictures below show that fungi nail pen works effectively against toenail fungus without causing any side effects.

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My Conclusion

Conclusion paragraph: If you suffer from nail fungus, the fungi nail pen may be just what you need to get rid of your infection. This product can penetrate deep into nails so it is fast-acting and effective at killing off an existing fungal problem or preventing future infections.

The best part about this treatment is that there are no side effects–it’s safe for use on any age group! What do you think? Have you tried using a fungi nail pen yet?

Let us know if we can help make your experience with these products as painless as possible by providing some helpful tips or advice. I share my story and a topical treatment I used to get rid of my nail infection on zetaclear review or read Truremedy Naturals Foot Soak Reviews and better nail reviews for alternative options.


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