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Fungi Nail Anti Fungal Liquid Reviews [Pro’s & Con’s]

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In this post I share both positive and negative fungi nail anti fungal liquid reviews made by people who used it to treat their fungal nail infections followed by my conclusion.

This will empower you with the right knowledge that will help you to decide if it is the right fit for you or not.

Listening to people who have used fungi nail before, is the short cut to knowing if the cure will work for you.

Please do not jump to conclusions without reading negative reviews because they will help you to make an informed decision.

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Fungi-Nail Anti-Fungal Solution Pros

I tried many products for fungal infection on my toe nails but only this one worked. I had severe infection on several toenails and were already discolored and lifting up due to diabetes. After a month of using fungi nail the discoloration on my nails was gone. I have been using it for three months now and infection is almost gone and I plan to apply it once a month on my nails to prevent reinfections. – Jack

When I found fungi nail I had tried all sorts of fungal treatments that did not work for me. I thank myself for buying this treatment because it has improved the condition of my toenail fungus. I bought it eight weeks ago but I am already impressed with the results because more than 50% of the infection is clear. I will definitely buy the second bottle to totally eliminate the fungus. The skin around my nail is healthy and fungus-free. – Sam

Fungi nail really works. I heard about it from my father in law. He used to treat his fungus in less than 12 weeks. I apply it twice a day buy when time permits I use it three times a day. I had fungus for a very long time from a salon and I have been trying to get rid of it but to no avail. I hope this time the nail fungal infection will go forever. – Kaiser

I don’t believe my eye this stuff works and works really fast. I had fungus on my several toenails for many years and applied different products but did nothing to my nails and my frustration. I give this treatment 5 star rating. – Maggy

I tried other products for a fungal infection under one of my nails but this one worked. I had several nails lifting up due to diabetes. After a month of using Fungi-Nail half the white was gone. It has been 3 months and now only a tiny line is left instead, which means that all the infected parts is almost gone. – Miles


I have been using it since April and it has made a significant impact on the disgusting fungus I picked up. At first, I applied it directly to my toenails but eventually noticed that my nails were growing out healthy again so now I use it in the morning and at night for an extended period of time. – Bruce

The best nail fungus treatment I’ve found is this one! It’s easy to apply, dries quickly and smells less strong than others. One thing I recommend doing is wearing flip-flops or sandals and changing your socks often. When my feet sweat a lot from wearing combat boots in the summer, I think that led to getting nail fungus. – Cathryn

I have battled toenail fungus for several years and when it flares up, I have found relief from applying this product. I use the product only once in a while so it’s not effective every day but seems to help me take down the pain and discomfort. – Aggie

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Fungi Nail Anti Fungal Liquid Reviews Cons

I bought the first bottle on amazon and it worked very well for me. I recently bought it on my local store and it does not work for me at all. I have just realized that I got the generic product which is not as effective as the one I bought online. I noticed that they do not have the same ingredients. This generic fungi nail does not work for me. I will buy online again to see the improvement I saw when I applied the first bottle. – Ivy

I have been on this treatment for about six months and it works but the progress is very slow. Sometimes I think of stopping the treatment because I get discouraged. I am disappointed because I was expecting to clear my nails in less than a month and this makes me to skip treatments sometimes especially in the evening. – Roy

I really can not handle the smell of fungi nail. It’s a bit off-putting. – Adrian

When applying this product it takes long time to penetrate and dry. It makes me to wait before wearing my socks. I wish it dried fast. – Suzan


I know it may work for many people but small print on the side of the package says this product is not for nail and scalp fungus. I believe this is false advertising because they have put a toenail outside the package. The package makes you believe it is the cure for nail fungus. – Gail

Never buy this product for toenail fungus treatment because it is written in small prints that it is not for nail fungus. Read the side panel before buying this product unless you want to use it for athlete’s foot. – Leon

Little tiny instructions tell you not to use this on your nails or scalp. I think those words should be printed larger. – Ben

Although it has a name that sounds like it’s for nails and it displays the word “nail” in the picture, on the description of this product, it clearly says that it only works for skin. – Morgan

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Fungi-Nail Before And After


Fungi nail is a topical solution for treating nail fungus that has proven to be effective in as little as 12 weeks, even when used sporadically. If you want to give it a try and see if this natural treatment will work for your current infection, feel free contact us today!

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