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Fung Away Foot Soak Reviews By Previous Users

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Find both positive and negative fung away foot soak reviews in this post to help you decide if this treatment is the right fit for you or not.

It is important to also read negative reviews including my conclusion.

Just to give you a highlight, this foot soak, out of almost 5000 reviewers, 93% of them gave it four or more star ratings and only 7% has rated it below three star.

It clearly shows that this cure works effectively without causing any side effects.

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Fung Away Foot Bath Pro’s

“I really like this product! It has a great scent, and leaves my feet feeling refreshed, softened, and smelling so much better than they did before I put them in the soak. The soaking process also seems to be making a difference with my toenails; soaking nightly is helping thicken my nail beds again and working on getting rid of fungal infection.” – Cynthia

“I had a nail fungus for many years and tried many remedies that didn’t work. But I finally found a solution! I started using this product religiously every night as directed, and after about 2 weeks my nails grew healthy again. Give it a try if you have major problems with your nails today.” – Peter

“I have had a difficult time with home remedies and over-the-counter products. Foot Cure started working at first use! After one week, the foot odor completely disappeared and my cracking was gone too. I especially noticed improvement in the fungus on my toes – it has reduced greatly since applying this product regularly. My feet are soft every time I bath.” – Elizabeth

“About three weeks ago I noticed a blood clot in my toenail. It turned out that it was due to getting my toes done and the fungus had been coming for some time before I even realized. Ever since, I’ve been using this foot soak and have seen amazing results as the disease was cleared up within ten days of beginning treatment.” – Rebecca


“This stuff works, but you need to do it for a long time. I’ve been using it a few times per week in conjunction with the toe fungus topical medication. I apply it right after my foot bath so that they are really soaked in. My nail has looked weird for 20+ years and this treatment is finally doing something.” – Bethany

“This product is working well for my husband’s nail fungus. He has been using it for three weeks now. It works faster when you use it in conjunction with an antifungal solution.” – Liza

“This is a review for fung away used on the infected nail of one toe. So far I am very pleased with the product. It’s easy to use, mixes well and has a nice fragrance. My feet definitely feel refreshed after each application! The best part about this product is that it seems to be controlling the nail fungus which prevents it.” – Martha

“My feet are softer and my toenails are definitely clearer. No more painful ingrown toenails. I have been treating my infections for about a month now and 90% of it is gone. I highly recommend it.” – Betty

“This product is honestly amazing! I’m a Nail tech and I use this in my pedicures. It smells amazing, and it really soothes the feet, the smell really helps relax the client. I also use this specifically to help kill toe nail fungus, and I’m gonna say this really work wonders for that. I have people who trust my salon to treat nail fungus effectively and they are always spreading the word.” – Nancy

“I have a toenail fungal infection for which there is no cure, but I find that soaking my feet in this foot soak prevents it from spreading. It’s a good idea to use the foot soak even if you don’t have problems with fungus because of how beneficial it can be to your feet in general and treating athlete‘s foot.” – George

Fung Away Foot Soak Reviews Con’s

“The product was not as large as I expected it to be. I feel like I’m being scammed because this bottle is overpriced.” – Gavin

“Fifteen dollars for a cheap bottle that is too small. Not worth it at all! I will rate it one star.” – Mark


“Way too expensive. Will not buy again due to small bottle I received. I was expecting a bigger package because I have a severe infection on my right toe.” – Jennet

“Unfortunately, I am diabetic and cannot have foot soak with epsom salt. When I tried this, it resulted in an unpleasant situation for me and the person taking care of me.” – Bob

“I have never reviewed an Amazon product before, but after using this foot soak for only one time, I am now struggling with a terrible rash.” – JJ

“My concern is the bottle was not entirely filled with product. My expectation for the price is a full bottle, not half.” – Elrich

“This new product does not provide the same benefits as before. The other product left my feet feeling soft, moisturized, hydrated and oiled with little to no need for lotion afterward. This new tacky leaves my feet dry and not moisturized. I have bought this twice now and will be returning both bottles. It doesn’t even dissolve.” – Dave

“When I first received this product I was happy to try it for the first time. I got so angry when I realized the was a problem with a package. I opened it and I found wet product inside and it was spreading all over and made it difficult for me to close the package. It was irritating, I don’t know why I received wet and clamp product. I hope it works.” – Mia

“The spelling on the package is not correct how can I trust this treatment on my fungal infections. I rate it one star.” – Denzel

My Conclusion

If you’re looking for a nail fungus treatment that is effective and affordable, Fung Away may be just right or alternatively read truremedy naturals foot soak reviews.

More than 93% of customers have rated this product with four stars or more on Amazon! The 7% who didn’t like it said they were disappointed in the size of the tube but found it to work well against their nail fungus problem.

We recommend trying out Fung Away yourself; if you find after 30 days that your nails are still not healthy and you are not happy, we will offer our money back guarantee so there’s nothing to lose by buying now. I wrote zetaclear review and the best over the counter nail fungus medicine to help the world know about effective solutions for toenail fungus.


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