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Emuaidmax reviews for nail fungus

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Find both negative and positive emuaidmax reviews for nail fungus to help you make informed decision whether to use use or not for your nail fungal infection.

This post has many reviews and testimonials from people who’ve had success with this product and those who didn’t have success.

It is important to read also the negative reviews to know exactly why they failed.

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Emuaid Max Reviews For Nail Fungus Pro’s

“When I developed a fungus toenail, I was devastated. After trying everything and not getting any results, everyone told me that nothing would work on my problem nail..I tried this last resort in desperation and to my surprise it actually works. The new nail is growing out pink and healthy. In March I began the process of removing my old nails and now in June there’s a new nail growing, which is stronger than the brittle yellow one. I tell everyone about this. Thank you!

Review update…now December and you would never know I ever had any fungal infection on that toenail. Also good for the skin. It works like magic.”

“I’ve had fungus on both of my big toe nails for over 25 years. I tried other products as I recall, but nothing worked. I knocked off some of the top of two nails with a side grinder. I applied a generous amount of the ointment to each big toe nail and promptly noticed that the nail became detached from its skin. I also noticed that the new growth’s color improved after about two weeks.

So, I ordered another jar of the solution and am going to apply it twice a day for the next few weeks as memory serves. I’ve read that Vix Vaporub also works as an effective treatment for nail fungus. This medicine has a bit of the smell that I associate with Vix. I expect my tails to be free of fungus before I finish the second two oz jar.

I do think one must be patient when applying the topical cream, and apply it twice a day. If you are not satisfied with the results after two weeks, I recommend that you try to get a refund. I can’t say for certain but I believe the company that sells this product is confident enough to cover it. There have been many positive reviews about EmuaidMAX to read. I recommend not removing any nail using a side grinder.”


“After doing hours of research on nail fungus treatments, I purchased the product convinced that it would cure my compromised toenail. I got the nail infection from a salon. I used q-tip to apply the treatment at least twice a day around my nails and under them. did this for about a week and in a couple weeks the fungal infection appeared to stop spreading. After months of applying the topical ointment, my nails were beginning to grow out and no longer needed to be applied again. I recommend it fully.”

“It’s been over a year since my dad had toenail fungus, but nothing else was working. Then this one treatment totally changed everything and it didn’t take long.”

“I found this product through online reviews for a remedy to help with toe nail fungus. I have tried everything – from essential oil, baking soda to vinegar, and even lamisil prescribed by my doctor. Still nothing worked or helped. This is my experience using this product for a week because it was delivered to the wrong address by Amazon and I can honestly tell you there has been a significant improvement. This product cured nail fungus that had been going on for about two years.”

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Emuaidmax Reviews For Nail Fungus Con’s


“I have applied the topical according to instructions for over a month now and there has been little improvement. I’m disappointed it hasn’t worked as promised.”

“I don’t like the smell of this treatment.”

“The smell is of some kind of fuel accelerant”

“I find this product to be too expensive and will look for a less costly option.”

“I’ve been very disappointed with the product so far. I followed the instructions exactly as written.- even a bit more – When I was often washing my hands. I have been using the product for one week and it appears that the treatment is not helping. I acquired this infection from a nail salon years ago. Buyer beware – company will not honor its money back guarantee if you buy from Amazon. I’m going to keep trying this, but I’m doubtful it will work. I have yet to see any evidence that this product does anything at all. I will update this post as the jar empties, which is all I can do considering my emptied wallet.”

“I had high hopes for this product, as well as its price. I found the same product at half the price in another store. I thought that if I paid this much for this product it must be good. However, overpriced and does not work”

My Emuaidmax Nail Fungus Reviews Conclusion

Emuaidmax is a great nail fungus treatment that has been proven safe and effective. The good news is, Emuaidmax has been proven effective and safe for external use on nails by the FDA.  It’s made of natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about the side effects or risks associated with harsh chemicals found in other treatments.

You’ll also be glad to know it fights against all types of fungal spores so you won’t need to check what type your infection is before using emuaidmax on it. 

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Over 80% of people who used emuaidmax against their fungal nail infection are satisfied and only 11% of users say did not get rid of their nail fungus. Give emuaidmax a try today and see if this product could help your situation too!

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Free Cheat Sheet Reveals Secrets To Get Rid Of Stubborn Nail Fungus For Good

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