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8 Best Diy Nail Fungus Treatments No One Shares With You

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Do you want to know what are effective diy nail fungus treatments, if it is safe to use do-it-yourself remedies, how long it takes to kill fungal nail using homemade fungus treatments or how to make these remedies at the comfort of your home?

Continue reading because this post answers all of those questions and shows step by step how to apply these treatments effectively.

What Are Do-It-Yourself Toenail Fungus Home Remedies?

Diy home remedies are treatments that you can make yourself at the comfort of your home using either products that you already have or you will need to buy them without the prescription of the doctor.

What Is The Most Effective Treatment For Toenail Fungus Available At Home?

There is no medicine that works 100% of the time , so below I share effective treatments you can try at your comfort of your home.

Just choose a cure that resonates with you and apply it for 8 weeks to give it enough time to work.

What Is Home Remedy Alternative For Toenail Fungus Medication?

There are many alternative cure you can use to get rid of nail fungus like over-the-counter, laser including dr’s prescribed medicine

Is It Safe To Use Diy Nail Fungus Treatments To Get Rid Of Fungal Infection?

Yes it is safe but do not forget that other remedies like oregano and tea tree oil need to be mixed with carrier oil like jojoba oil and olive oil to reduce the burning sensation caused by these high potent essential oils.

Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Nail Fungus?

Also known as melaleuca, is made from steaming melaleuca alternifolia plant leaves which is native to australia and has been used for many years by aboriginal natives of australia to treat skin and nail infection.

Up to this date it is still trusted as an effective skin and nail medication.

Due to it’s strong antifungal and antibacterial properties it was proven in a small scale study conducted by national center for complementary and integrative health that tea tree oil can kill toenail fungus infection.

It is also effective against yeast candida, psoriasis and is prevention for many skin problems.

Can you put tea tree oil directly on your nails? Yes you can but you need to dilute it first by adding it to carrier oils like jojoba oil and olive oil.

Do I have to dilute tea tree oil for nail fungus? Add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil with a teaspoon of carrier oil and used cotton swab to apply it directly on your infected nail for 20 minutes twice daily.

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Will Vicks Vapor Rub Kill Toenail Fungus?

Even though vicks vapour rub is made to treat cough and flu, in 2011 in a clinical study it was found that it’s active ingredients, eucalyptus oil and camphor have the ability to get rid of fungal nail infection.

Apply small amount of tea tree oil on the infected nail twice daily to speed up healing process but if time does not allow apply at least once a day.

How long does it take vicks to work on nail fungus? It depends on the severity of the infection but some people see the results as soon as 4 weeks.

Does Vinegar Kill Toenail Fungus?

Yes it does.

We have enough evidence from ordinary people getting rid of nail fungus using vinegar at home and we still need more scientific evidence to prove this reality.

Currently we have only anecdotal evidence supporting this as a treatment for nail infection.

The good thing about this treatment is that it is safe and does not have side effects.

To use it successfully you need to prepare a foot soak by adding one part of vinegar to 2 parts of warm water.

This process lasts for 20-30 minutes daily until you got rid of your infected nail.

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Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Toenail Fungus?

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Toenail Fungus

Many people online are reviewing hydrogen peroxide positively after using it for nail fungus but we do not have scientific evidence to support the claim that it can get rid of nail fungus.

Please note that since we have different strength of hydrogen peroxide in the market you are advised to use 3% hydrogen peroxide to minimize side effects like skin irritation.

Many people are reporting positive results after using foot soak regularly for a certain period of time.

To prepare a foot soak you need to mix equal part of water to equal part of hydrogen peroxide and soak your foot for 20 minutes.

After the treatment allow the foot to dry naturally. ( do not pat dry)

This solution can be applied directly on the infected nail by using a cotton swab.

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Does Baking Soda Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus?

Baking soda is effective against nail fungus when it is mixed with other treatments like apple cider vinegar.

Is baking soda anti fungal? No it is not, baking soda is fungi static meaning it stops the fungus from multiplying and spreading, and is also fungicidal meaning it can not kill nail fungus

How much baking soda do I use for toenail fungus? To make a foot soak you need 1 cup of apple cider vinegar, 2 cups of warm water and a spoon full of
baking soda.

Mix all the contents in a basin and soak your foot for 30 minutes daily until you killed your nail fungus.

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Can You Use Listerine For Toenail Fungus?

Listerine is made for mouth hygiene but due to it’s ingredients like thymol, menthol and eucalyptus it is used to kill nail fungus.

It is one of the common treatments for nail fungus that is available in many homes due to it’s strong antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

You are advised to use amber-colored listerine for maximum results to be realized.

Add equal part listerine to equal part warm water in a small basin and make sure the water covers your infected nail.

Soak your foot for 30 minutes daily until your nail is free of fungus.

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Does Epsom Salt Help To Kill Toenail Fungus?

Also known as magnesium sulfate, is a safe homemade remedy for nail fungus that is easily prepared by adding 1/4 cup of epsom salt and 1 liter hot water into a basin.

Allow epsom salt to dissolve in the water and soak your foot for 30 minutes daily until you a fungus free.

Do not forget to use a moisturizer on your foot to avoid dry cracking skin.

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Does Oregano Oil Kill Nail Fungus?

In 2016 study, researchers found that it’s active ingredient thymol, has strong anti fungal and antibacterial properties.

One of the pro’s of using oregano oil is that it can be used both internally and externally simultaneously to treat nail fungus faster.

To apply it directly on the nail you need to add oregano oil to carrier oil so that it wont burn your skin.

Mix 3 drops of oregano oil to a tablespoon of jojoba oil or olive oil and apply it to your infected nail using cotton swab twice daily until you have a fully grown fungus free nail.

I recommend an organic oregano oil for maximum results.

Those are top homemade remedies that are also found in an article written by hallie levine and are also recommended by Joe Graedon, a pharmacologist.

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Best Nail Fungus Treatment Reviews

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I only mentioned top 8 of home remedies and there are still other treatments like coconut oil, mentholated spirits, apple cider vinegar and can bleach kill nail fungus?.

I used topical medicine to treat toenail fungus after having it for many years. I share my experience on review of zetaclear.

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