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The Best Cure For Nail Fungus At Home

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Will you agree with me when I say getting the best cure for nail fungus at home can be a daunting experience?

I promise to share with you the most effective treatments for nail infection that you can use at your comfort of your home.

Will you pick just one home remedy and apply it until you got rid of nail fungus?

Let us start the journey.

Vicks Vapor Rub On Nail Fungus

Vicks vaporub is designed to be used as topical ointment.

It has camphor and eucalyptus as active ingredients that are effective nail fungus treatment.

Can vicks cure nail fungus?

Yes, It was proven in 2011 study that vicks vapo rub has clinical ability to get rid of nail fungal infection.

Apply small amount of ointment on the nail twice daily to speed up the healing process.

Tea Tree Oil For Nail Fungus

Tea tree oil also known as melaleuca, for years has been used as an anti fungal and antiseptic agent to treat both skin and nail infections.

According to a small scale clinical study conducted by national center for complementary and integrative health,

It was established that tea tree oil is an effective treatment for nail fungus at home.

You will need a cotton swab and apply tea tree oil on it then directly put it on the infected nail for 20 minutes twice daily.

Oregano Oil For Nail Fungus

The good thing about oregano oil is that it can be used both orally and topically and to get best results you can use both of them simulteniously.

It was established in a study in 2016 that thymol is an active ingredient that is a capable home cure for nail fungus.


To treat nail fungus at home you need to apply oregano oil on the cotton swab and put it on the infected nail twice daily until your nail is clear again.

Ensure you buy 100% organic oregano oil that will kill nail infection.

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Does Vinegar Help Toenail Fungus?

Does vinegar kill toenail fungus?

It is not scientifically proven that vinegar will get rid of fungal infection, only anecdotal evidence is available supporting vinegar as an alternative treatment to over the counter medicine.

It is safe to use because it does not have any side effects and it only takes 20 minutes daily to soak your infected nail.

Soak your nail in a solution of one part vinegar and two parts warm water.

Listerine For Nail Fungus

Does Listerine kill toenail fungus?

Listerine is one of the common home treatment for nail fungal infection thanks to it’s active ingredients such as thymol, menthol and eucalyptus which are anti fungal, antibacterial and antiseptic in nature.

It is available in many homes that is why it is popular among people suffering from nail infection.

You are advised to add equal part listerine to equal part water and make sure the water covers your nail in the basin.

Repeat this process daily and soak your nail for 30 minutes.


Baking Soda For Nail Fungus

Baking soda will help with reducing moisture on the infected nail and if the infection is severe and smelling bad, baking soda will neutralize the odor and balance the PH of the surrounding environment which is good for dealing with fungus.

Create a paste of baking soda and water and place it on the infected nail for 20 minutes daily.

Garlic For Nail Fungus

Will garlic kill toenail fungus?

Garlic can be used both orally or applied directly to the infected nail.

There are few studies that proved garlic to have anti fungal and antibacterial properties.

The first option is to chop or crush a clove of garlic and place it directly on the nail for 30 minutes…

…or simultaneously take garlic capsules to treat it from inside for better and quicker results.

Coconut Oil For Nail Fungus

Coconut oil is known for boosting the immune system and revitalizing the body.

This is all possible because of lauric acid which has antibacterial, anti inflammatory and anti fungal properties.

The body uses lauric acid to create fatty-acids called monolaurin which is effective, toxic to bacteria, fungus and capable of causing the membrane of candida aldida to dissolve.

8% of caprylic acid is also found to be best when it comes to dealing with ailments like athletes’ foot, warts and other skin fungus.

Use a cotton swab to apply coconut oil directly on the nail and the skin around the nail.

Repeat twice daily in the morning and just before bed.

Hydrogen Peroxide For Nail Fungus

We have different types of strength of hydrogen peroxide but we recommend 3% hydrogen peroxide to avoid side effects like skin irritation.


Many people are seeing the results after using this foot soak for a certain period of time.

Mix equal part water to equal part hydrogen peroxide and soak your foot for 20 minutes daily or use a cotton swab to apply it directly to the nail.

Do not pat dry your foot after treatment just allow it to dry naturally.

Up to so far we do not have scientific evidence that it can kill nail fungus for good…

…but we have enough positive reviews on line that make us believe indeed it will kill nail fungus as long as you use it regularly.

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Eucalyptus Oil For Nail Fungus

Also known as eucalyptus globulus, was originally from australia but now it is planted all over the world after people realizing the healing potential eucalyptus has on human body.

Distilled oil is extracted from eucalyptus leaf which is rich with medicinal properties.

It has been used for centuries and trusted by many to treat wide range of ailments suffered by human being.

This is how to cure nail fungus at home in a safe and cost effective manner provided you are willing to be patient.

Thyme Oil For Nail Fungus

Thyme contains an active ingredient called thymol that is found in many products like vicks.

It is effective against microorganism like candida and dermatophytes that are causing fungal infection because it curbs the uncontrollable growth of nail fungus.

Apply thyme essential oil directly to the infection using cotton swab and allow oil to dry naturally before wearing socks.

Epsom Salt For Toenail Fungus

Can Epsom salt kill toenail fungus?

Epsom salt is also known as magnesium sulfate, which consist of sulfur, magnesium and oxygen,

Has proven to kill nail fungus after being used for few weeks soaking your foot for maximum of 30 minutes daily.

All you have to do is to dissolve 1/4 cup of epsom salt in hot water that is enough to cover your foot in the small basin.

It is important that you repeat this process daily until your nail is clear of nail fungus.

Always moisturize your foot after treatment to avoid dry skin.

Apple cider vinegar For Nail Fungus

An acidic product made from fermenting apple, sugar and yeast together.

Make sure you use organic, unfiltered, raw apple cider vinegar to achieve results you are looking for.

Pour equal part ACV into a basin and add equal part water and soak your foot for 20 minutes everyday until your nail is clear and healthy again.

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Fine-vine super balm

A natural topical ointment for many skin and nail ailments like jock itch, athlete’s foot, eczema, ringworm, other types of fungus and bacteria.

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It is good for both toenail and finger nail fungus symptoms.

Zetaclear – Cure For Nail Fungus At Home

Regarded as homeopathic topical cure for nail infection, is one of natural remedies to get rid of toenail fungus fast, cost effectively and without causing any side effects.

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I share with you what to do for nail fungus now it is up to you to treat your nail infection.


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Free Cheat Sheet Reveals Secrets To Get Rid Of Stubborn Nail Fungus For Good

Download this cheat sheet and get rid of nail fungus without taking toxic pills, removing infected nails or spending money on expensive treatments that do not work

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