Common Nail Fungus Myths

I’m sure you are wondering if treating your nails both internally and externally at the same time will work for you, even if you have tried about everything when it comes to eradicating your nail fungus.

Well, let me put you at ease. During the years I spend looking for the truth… years studying most successful case studies I could find, years spending researching effective treatments that have worked for others,

years spending honing, testing, re-testing and perfecting this two-pronged approach to treating stubborn nail fungus to make sure it was as flexible as it is powerful.

Thanks for sharing this system with many people and the feedback I got from them, you now have at your fingertips what former nail fungus sufferers call success insurance when it comes to getting rid of nail fungus.

Just know this now, treating nail fungus both internally and externally at the same time is a blueprint for getting rid of stubborn toenail fungus.

It works so consistently for others like you but here are few myths that may restrict you to start the treatment right away:

Nail Fungus Is Not A Treatable Disease

When I grew up I used to believe nail fungus was only for older people and it was not a treatable desease and now I realized I was not the only one who thought that nail fungal infection is not curable.

It’s one of the common myths and many people are not doing anything to their infection until it’s too late.

There are many clinical studies that show that fungal nail infection is curable. Many treatments were used in these trials like home remedies, prescription and over the counter medicines.

After going through those case studies I concluded that it’s not easy to eliminate this type of infection and what works for me may not work for you.

Nail Fungus Can Not Be Treated Externally

The is this myth that nail fungus can not be treated by applying medication topically because it does not penetrate deep into the nail bed and kill the infection.

Many people are not aware that there is a right way to apply topical medication.

You first need to soften the nail and the skin around it by soaking the nails on anti-fungal foot soak or warm water for at least 15 minutes.

You need to apply topical treatment underneath the front nail and on the skin surrounding the infected nail. By always following these two steps when applying medication on your nails you will notice improvement in the appearance of the nail.

Nail Fungus Can Only Be Treated By Oral Prescription Medication

It’s not true that oral prescription medication is the only effective solution for toenail fungus.

Lamisil is the most effective oral treatment for nail fungal infection but it does not work for everyone.

Oral medication are known for causing side effects, but some people got rid of their infection without any damage to their liver.

Nail fungus can be cured using either home remedy, over the counter or prescription medicine but it takes trial and error to find what works for you.

I found that using different treatment at the same time helps with eradicating this stubborn infection.

I helped many people eliminate their ugly infection using only home remedies and over the counter medicines excluding oral prescription medication because it has potential to cause side effects on other people.

There Is One Treatment That Will Work For Everyone

Treating toenail fungus is a trial and error approach because you don’t know the right medicine for you.

What works for me may not work for you.

You have to try different treatments until you find the right one for you.

I recommend you only use medications that work for many people and bombard the infection with different treatments hoping to find the best treatment that will eradicate your infection as fast as you can.

Nail Fungus Is Not A Dangerous Infection, It Will Dissipate Without Treatment

Nail infection will never go away by itself.

You may have been exposed to something that has strong anti-fungal properties without knowing.

If you do not treat nail infection as quickly as possible you will experience a severe infection in the future so do not fool yourself and do something today with you infection.

Cutting Nails as back as Possible Can Cause Other Problems Like Ingrown Nail

It’s not true, as long as you regularly cut your nails using proper tools for the job you wont have any problems.

Please do not be reckless when cutting your nails because you do not want to cut your skin and cause a gateway for fungal spores to enter your body.

Do not forget to sterilize your tools after every use to make sure you kill any fungal spores on the tools and if you do not stay alone please sterilize even before use.

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