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Clear Touch For Nail Fungus Reviews – (Pro’s & Cons)

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Does clear touch work for nail fungus? Here I share with you both positive and negative clear touch for nail fungus reviews from people who previously used this treatment for their fingernail and toenail fungal infections…

…and I conclude by sharing whether I think clear touch is the right treatment for nail fungus or not. After reading this post you will know if this is the right treatment for you or not.

Clear Touch By Radiancy For Nail Fungus Reviews Pro’s

Here are positive reviews of clear touch by radiancy for nail fungus:

“I have had this product since March of last year, and it’s now been a little over six months. I’ve had toenail fungus on my toes for 20 years, and insurance would not cover medication.(besides the side effects of typical medications, it’s also daunting because it has to be taken for a year.)”

“I tried over-the-counter medications of all types, but none really helped. I was always miserable because my toenails were constantly jammed in my steel toe boots and I couldn’t walk in them. I saw this product which was suggested by my dermatologist and, after using it for six months,

I finally felt no need to cover up again. One of the side effects of nail fungus is an increase in thickness, which may take more time to completely remove. They took a while to grow out, but now that the condition has cleared up I am comfortable writing this review.” LUIS

The device is lightweight, meaning it doesn’t have a large battery. Even though you have to recharge it regularly between morning and evening treatments, it charges quickly. it produces an intense pulse of heat in the form of light that penetrates even thick nails.

From my experience, use it consistently and you’ll get good results, but the fungal growth might be outside of your nails or deep under. It is usually best to place it on each edge of your nail and in the middle. It might take some time to grow out.


“When the light stops flashing, give the unit time to cool first. After that it will start blinking green and you can treat another foot without getting frustrated by beeping sounds. I got this product when it hit the market and the instructions were not completely clear, but they may have been revised since then so that’s no problem. It worked.” KEVIN

“This product was still in perfect condition, working the same way as when I day I got it. If I need to buy another in the future, I will definitely by this one because it works.” MARY

“Patience and persistence will be needed to succeed. It was only after trying many different treatments including therapy from a dermatologist, But nothing else has been able to work for me. Though it took a while to see results, this product actually worked. When I compare the before and after photos of my nails, you can see the difference after only six weeks .

While this product is not a cure-all, it does provide moderate benefits. It is important to note that you must be dedicated to achieve success in this process. It is tedious, and it may take a long time to see any results. It is designed for the strong and bold.” STEVIE

“I have suffered a nail fungus for years and nothing worked until I used the Clear Touch nail fungus treatment. This product has cleared up the fungus on my nails, so now they are healthy. I recommend this product to anyone looking for an answer to nail fungus.” ROSS

“It works….slowly. It takes many months of consistent and careful usage to see any significant results. It is important to make sure that your feet are clean and dry before every use. This halogen bulb is so bright that it will drain a battery’s power, and I have to recharge it every time I use it. Maybe the next model should use IR LEDs.” ANN-MARIE

Clear Touch For Nail Fungus Reviews Con’s

There are people who are not satisfied with clear touch light for nail fungus and here is what they have to say about this product:

“I’ve been using the product for four months: once in the morning and once at night. Initially it seemed to be working, but I’m not sure if it was just my imagination. There is no noticeable improvement after four months. I’ve found that some of these quotes from the manual are helpful.”

“Do not drop or bump Clear Touch as this may cause internal damage to the unit.”

Really? I just paid $200 for a device that looks like it should cost about as much to manufacture as a flashlight. I dropped it from about a foot off of the ground by accident. “As far as I can tell, it is functioning normally. How do I know if something has gone wrong?” How can they expect people to pay so much money for something that might break if slightly bumped?

ClearTouch is an at-home treatment device for persons with mild to moderate dermatological conditions, not suitable for serve conditions.” It means, if you have severe nail fungus, ClearTouch nails treatment cannot cure it. LARRY


“I decided to wait three months before reviewing this product. If you’ve been like me, you have tried every possible cure for nail fungus that the internet promises. I won’t do oral medication because there are harmful side effects. After hearing an advertisement for this product,

I thought it had to work. However, after following the directions exactly and using it twice a day–even being optimistic about results–I saw no change on my toenail at all. I wish I had taken before-and-after pictures to show you that there’s been no change. I’m giving two stars because it takes a long time for nails to grow out. I’ll update my review in another three months, but I honestly expect the rating to decrease.” CHAD

“This is one of the first gadgets I have ever bought, and it is not very helpful at all. I had little hope this thing would work out, and as it turns out, my suspicions were warranted. I have faithfully used this device as instructed for months and have seen no changes in my nails. If anything, the fungus seems to be worsening! Seriously, don’t waste your money on this.” SANDY

“I have used this product for 18 months on 3 infected toenails. It has cured the least infected nail, and maybe reduced the infection on the other two if I use my imagination. I’ve come to the conclusion that 18 months is enough time for this. It’s time for something new.” CAROL

My Cleartouch Phototherapy For Nail Fungus Conclusion

According to these reviews, it’s clear that cleartouch phototherapy for nail fungus is effective for moderate and minor infections and it wont work for severe nail fungal infections. It takes few months of consistent application to see positive results. For severe infection I recommend zetaclear and kerasal. I wrote zetaclear review to share how I got rid of my toenail fungus and alternatively go to boric acid for nail fungus. Can you get nail fungus from nail polish?


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