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Honest & Helpful Better Nail Reviews

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Nail fungus is a very common nail condition that can be embarrassing and difficult to live with.

There are many treatments available but they tend to have side effects, such as dry skin or peeling nails. 

In this post I share both positive and negative dermaced better nail reviews followed by my conclusion and this will help you choose if this treatment is the right fit for you or not.

Let me warn you, people are seeing positive results with this cure.

Does Better Nail Really Work & How Does Better Nail Work?

Nail fungus is a common and irritating condition that can be difficult to get rid of. One of the best solutions for toenail fungus is topical treatment, which you apply directly onto the affected nails. This type of treatment will help fight against nail fungus because it gets deep into the skin and nails to kill any fungal growths.

Topical treatments also work by stopping further infections from developing, as well as preventing new outbreaks and spreading to other nails or toes. Have you ever had an infection that just won’t go away? It might be time to try a new solution.

Better Nail Treatment is one of the few topical treatments clinically proven to clear nail fungus in 6 weeks or less. This revolutionary product attacks and kills fungal cells, does not require removal of healthy tissue,

Promotes regrowth of healthy nails with regular use, and provides relief from pain associated with inflammation caused by the condition. Give better nail treatment a chance today!

Is Better Nail A Good Product?

It’s time to stop hiding your nails and start wearing nail polish again. Better Nail is a revolutionary product that will destroy all the fungus on your toes, fingers, and hands in as little as 1-2 weeks.

Unlike other products that are toxic or don’t work at all, this one is good, doesn’t have any side effects for you or your family members. It also has no harsh chemicals so it won’t dry out your skin! Gone are the days where you can only treat nail fungus with harsh chemicals and those ugly, smelly socks.

The best thing about Better Nail treatment is that it’s all natural and doesn’t contain any ingredients that may irritate your skin or harm your nails. It also works for toenails too!

Honest And Helpful Dermaced Better Nail Reviews

I’ve had toenail fungus on my right toe for 30 years and on the left toe for about 10 years. I tried everything, but nothing worked until I tried Better Nail. It cleared up in less than a month and it’s continuing to grow out nicely! This is the best one! – Chris

In the time I used this product, it has proven to be effective. Previously skeptical about its efficacy, I am now a believer of its abilities because of the significant improvement seen in my thumb and big toe nails which had suffered from likely nail damage and maybe even fungus during 40 years as a bartender. In addition, application is very easy. – Tim

I’ve been using lamisil since 45 days ago for moderate toenail fungus that’s still not improving. The doctor has refilled my prescription and suggested I use a topical as well, but didn’t offer any suggestions. After reading reviews, I decided to try this product and am happy with the results so far. – Carol


This product has done wonders for my fingernail fungus. I ordered it about two weeks ago, and 15 days later the fungus started to disappear, with no more visible signs of discoloration. Not only did it start working quickly, but customer service was really helpful and friendly – they sent me a free gift bottle of another Better Nails product. – Nancy

I could not bear my white marks on my toenails to return, so I used better nail each night and after every shower. With about three weeks of use, the small white dashes are vanishing! Thank you for making this effective product that allowed me to enjoy wearing sandals and shoes with no embarrassment over toe fungus – Sharon

After trying more costly long-term medications from my doctor without any real results, I researched online and found this in hopes to treat mild/moderate toe nail fungus. After following the instructions as provided, the symptoms cleared up within two weeks. I thought that for such a small bottle size, it was quite expensive; however for each affected area it cleared, I now believe that it is underpriced. – Kennedy

How Long Does It Take Better Nail To Work?

It might seem like nail fungus will never go away, but that’s not true! There are many treatments available for people who suffer from this condition.

You might want to start with this over the counter treatment which may take up to twelve weeks to work. If you have tried these and still need help, talk with your doctor about prescription medicine.

Is Better Nail Sold In Stores?

At the time of writing this post this product is not available in many stores but at least you can buy it on amazon, ebay, and walmart. Unfortunately is not available at cvs, target and walgreens.

Better Nail – Directions For Use

Apply this treatment twice daily until your nail fungal infection is gone. You need to be consistent with daily application to see positive results.

Better Nail – Where To Buy?

Buy now on amazon or head to ebay or walmart to purchase. You pay no extra cost for delivery and you are backed by money back guarantee if the product does not work for you.

My Conclusion

With better nail treatment, getting rid of your nail fungus can be as easy and straightforward as applying medicine twice a day. The only thing you need to do is commit to using it for at least 12 weeks consistently.

You’ll find that one of the best-selling product on Amazon (which has over 4000 reviews) does more than just kill the fungus that causes those pesky little spots under your nails – it also prevents new infections from forming.

Just apply topically twice daily with our convenient applicator brush! Let us know how this works out for you in the comments below – we love hearing about people’s success stories! Go to zetaclear review to learn how I got rid of my fungal nail infection in just few weeks or read Fungi Nail Antifungal Pen Reviews and neomen nail repair pen reviews


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Bob Jones is a former toenail fungus sufferer who is passionate about helping fellow nail fungus sufferers learn about effective treatments. His knowledge about nail fungus helped many people get rid of their fungal infection.

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