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2 Best Nail Fungus Treatment Reviews

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Best Nail Fungus Treatment Reviews

What is the most effective treatment for toenail fungus?

I’ve had a plenty of time to test different anti-fungal nail treatments over last few months and now it’s the time to put the two biggest to the test.

Today I’m going to go over Zetaclear & Funginix and give you my honest opinion and review both of them.

I’ve used different over the counter nail fungus treatments & read many best nail fungus treatment reviews online and one of these two stands out when it comes to getting rid of toenail fungus.

zetaclear & funginix on top of a scale

Can you guess which one?

Don’t worry I will tell you soon!

It’s simple really, I had a toenail fungus for a very long time and I tried different nail fungus treatments.

That’s how I came to know what works!

Let’s get down to business with this Zetaclear review, oh and Funginix

Quick Summary: Zetaclear or Funginix

zetaclear medicine


Do you want to clear fungus on your nail?

Are you looking for an effective, proven and natural cure to get rid of nail fungus fast?

If you love clear nails and wear flip flops or sandal this natural cure for toenail fungus is for you.

Well, actually whatever you want to do to your nails Zetaclear can work for you

from returning back the original appearance of the nail to promoting healthy circulation to nail beds

With ability to have everything in one plate this really is and all in one nail fungus treatment.

funginix medicine


Do you want a topical solution that penetrates and attacks the fungus from every angle?

Funginix works to increase your body’s natural anti-flammatory and anti-infection capabilities,

Enabling you to get rid of the nail fungal infection without the use of grievous chemicals and any side effects.

When I compare it to Zetaclear like I’m about to do you will see which one fits your needs.

Now before we move on I’m not saying Zetaclear is the way to go because you and I both have different extent of nail fungus.

This review examines the ingredients, pricing and limitations of two nail fungus treatments. Both provide topical solutions that cure your nail fungus with no side effects.

nail fungus before and after photos

What Is Zetaclear

Is a popular natural treatment that addresses nail fungus, claiming to not only relieve it’s symptoms but cure it completely if used over an extended period of time.

Zetaclear is a solution that combines a topical solution with a powerful homeopathic to help clear nail fungus fast.

It’s ingredients have a long history as anti-fungal drug and prevents the growth and reproduction of fungus cells.

Zetaclear is powerful and made from essential oils used by indigenous cultures around the world for centuries

An over-the-counter medicine that is FDA approved and uses a natural fungicide that banish nail fungal infection for good.

It is proven in clinical studies that zetaclear, among other things has caprylic acid that makes it six times more effective than any other toenail fungus treatment out there can also maintain a healthy balance effectively.

ZetaClear is a treatment of natural ingredients blended with one mission only, to clear your finger and toe nails of fungus infection forever.

toenail fungus photo

It helps in the prevention and spreading of the fungus infection to other nails

the #1 nail fungus treatment in terms of effectiveness and consumer satisfaction

an excellent alternative to conventional treatments like laser and home remedies

and offers one of the most effective treatment for getting rid of nail fungus.

advanced fungal nail treatment works directly on the nail, nail bed and the skin around to get rid of toenail fungus quick and make them clear and healthy.

It is the most effective treatment for toenail fungus, forget about laser treatment, oral medication or worse cutting off toenail completely

This solution clears up the nail and makes the skin around it soft and smooth.

toenail fungus before and after pictures

Click here for a detailed review

Best Nail Fungus Treatment Reviews

Zetaclear Reviews Complaints


  • No side effects: ZetaClear is a homepathic formula that is essentially made from natural ingredients.
  • It has no reported side effects unlike most over the counter prescription anti-fungal drugs.
  • Tested: It is FDA registered and has been proved to be completely safe for use.
  • Cost Effective Alternative: Compared to laser treatments and the surgical options
  • Prevents Re-occurance of Infection: In most other treatments there remains a strong possibility of fungal infection happening again.
  • Money back: It comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the product, you can return it back within 90 days of purchase.
90 day guarantee-100% money back


  • Its customer service that might be slow to reply to customers’ inquiries due to its success with a big volume of orders placed every day on its website
  • You have to use it regularly for a minimum of 4 weeks before you start experiencing the difference. The time it takes to heal the fungus depends entirely on the severity of the fungal growth.
  • Returns: It is stated in their return policy that they don’t take back open items
  • The are users who experience a moderate burning sensation after applying the topical solution,
  • NOTE: Severe infections will take few more weeks to heal
  • Not available to purchase locally or through common reputable online outlets

Where Can I Buy Zetaclear?

You should buy it on official website

zetaclear price chart

Buy zetaclear now here

Funginix Review

Funginix was first launched in 2008 under the product name Fungisil.

By Sisquoc Healthcare Corporation, a small healthcare company committed to providing quality products and services to their customers

Funginix is a mixture of natural and conventional medicines that doesn’t only remove and treat nail fungus…

but also moisturizes your nails, ensure a healthy re-growth and prevent its recurrence.

The product contains several ingredients including herbal extracts and essential oils.

The active ingredients that are extracts from organic herbs in Funginix are tea tree oil, undecylenic acid, and camphor.

The active Ingredients in Funginix promotes the product’s ability to be absorbed deeply into the nail bed and underlying tissues.

This product is full of minerals that are needed by the cells that created the nail and the nail bed to support the health of the nails.

This nail treatment works by penetrating the nail so that it can reach deep down and attack the nail fungus from all angles

Funginix is a topical, externally used medication which is a number of anti bacterial and anti fungal ingredients that promotes the body’s natural healing processes

You can get quicker results than most of toenail fungus prescription medication because of its high level of strength and natural ingredients

How to Use Funginix

For best results, funginix solution should be applied to affected area twice a day

In the morning after taking you bath or before putting on your socks and In the evening before you sleep.

Just use a convenient applicator to apply it hassle free and to precisely follow the required dosage

Are Funginix ingredients free of side effects?

This over the counter toenail fungus treatment doesn’t have reported side effects like liver damage caused by other oral medications and prescription medication and works on mild, moderate, and severe fungus growth

It is so safe that even pregnant and nursing mothers can benefit from it.


  • It is completely natural product with no known side effects
  • To see positive results of using Funginix you need to apply consistently for few weeks
  • You do not need to get prescription from doctor in order to buy Funginix since it is over the counter product
  • Funginix comes with money back guarantee so try it for 60 days risk free
60 days guaranteed - 100% satisfaction


  • Unfortunately you can’t buy this treatment in local stores
  • Does not have a 100% success rate when it comes to getting rid of nail fungus ( It’s 80%)

Where to Buy Funginix Nail Fungus Treatment?

Go to this link to buy now

Is It Available in Stores or at Walmart or Walgreens? and is there a discount coupon for it?

funginix price chart

You won’t find Funginix in a brick-and-mortar offline pharmacy but only on the internet.

To avoid the risk of counterfeit drugs,It is advised to buy it only on its official website where you can take advantage of a convenient and secure transaction system, to ensure you qualify for money back guarantee,

and get discounts based on the quantity you buy and price slashed coupons available when you purchase.

It is 100% safe to buy online and they ship anywhere in the world. Buy Funginix from where you happen to be, in UK, Australia, Germany, USA, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, India, Malaysia

Don’t buy from websites like amazon or ebay.

Some past users are complaining that their cracked and discolored nails are not healing which can entirely be caused by cheap imitations they have bought from random websites.

Final Verdict

gavel photo

Look, I’m not going to sugar coat this, if you came this far you know I love Zetaclear but that’s because I had positive results after using it.

(It is also important to know where to buy zetaclear conveniently)

If your fungus is still at infancy or medium stage you can use Funginix

That’s not to say that I think Funginix is not right for you because it depends on the severity of your infection and your overall health

These products work faster than home remedies!

Now you just need to take action

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Bob Jones is a former toenail fungus sufferer who is passionate about helping fellow nail fungus sufferers learn about effective treatments. His knowledge about nail fungus helped many people get rid of their fungal infection.

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