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Best Nail File For Fungus On Nails

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One of the biggest mistakes people make is using a nail file on nails where there is already a fungal infection.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of some of the best nail files for fungus sufferers.

If you’re looking for the best nail file for fungus, look no further.

There are many things you can do to get rid of nail fungus but a lot of them require time and patience. 

One thing that is often overlooked are nail files.

Knowing how to use the right kind of file for your nails can make all the difference in getting rid of fungus,

So this post will cover what you need to know about choosing the best one for your nails and body type.

Nail files cause friction which helps keep your nails short but also helps kill these annoying fungi that live among our toes and fingers. 

Nail files come in various shapes such as rectangular or curved depending on preference. They can vary from being thin like a pen

Best Overall

TsMADDTs Nail File & Buffer

TsMADDTs nail file and buffer is the perfect tool for manicures at home or professional use. It’s suitable for people. They feature rough grit that can sand down the large ridges in your nails, which also helps to get the glue off with minimal effort.

The filing process also removes calluses on top of strengthening weak fingernails. Use these tools if you want refined shapes for your nails, and proper alignment for natural, acrylic or false nails as well!

TsMADDTs not only works effectively but it’s gentle enough to be used even on fungal/dry nail beds where other products might have failed before. It can be put into a decorative pottery storage jar after use!

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Best Budget

Mont Bleu Glass Nail File

If you want to keep your nails fungus-free, healthy and strong, mont bleu glass nail file is for you! It has a gentle velvet surface to protect the delicate nails and cuticles.

Buy it today to enjoy filleting without fear of splitting or breakage, shaping in precise detail with our lifetime guarantee – each file comes with a lifetime warranty against filing surface defects.

We also offer free money back guarantee if not satisfied within six months. This filed files are always good gifts for friends/girlfriends as they make great birthday or mother’s day gift ideas for women who love good health .

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10 PCS Professional Double Sided 100/180 Grit Nail Files

Ever try to trim your nails only to have the edges of them raise up and make you frustrated? 

No one’s got time for that. 10 Pieces black straight nail files emery board per pack. These nail files easily help to trim and shape the nail with your desired shape or length.

100/180 Grit allows filing your nails with a lighter touch without damaging the nail. Designed with round top & Double Sides, Sandpaper on surface, foam in middle-level. Quick & Easy to clean by water, could be used many times.file and rough up the hard fingernails and toe nails in 100 grit, and use 180 grit smooths up your nail edge with refined shape

Nail Files made of top quality adhesive tape and emery board material, trimming and shaping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You File Away Toenail Fungus?

A common question that people who suffer from toenail fungus ask is, “Can you file away nail fungus?” Unfortunately, this is not true. Filing down the nails can make it seem like the nail has grown back and removed the infection, but it does not actually get rid of any fungus or bacteria. It’s best to leave your toes alone as they are trying to heal themselves and do their own repair work.

How To File Toenails With Fungus?

If you have ever had an extra long or maybe even ingrown fingernail, then you know how difficult it is to file your nails down so they’re not so jagged and sharp anymore. You may have found yourself using something like a cheese grater in order to get the job done – but that’s not exactly what we want when we’re trying to fix our nail fungus problem! And if this isn’t bad enough, sometimes people use these tools incorrectly which leads them into getting their skin cut instead


I show how you can file your nails with fungus and keep them short so they stay clean and dry, which may help reduce the severity of your infection. 

A lot of people suffer from nail fungus but don’t know what steps to take next. Now you have this information, hopefully things won’t be as confusing for you anymore

How Do You File Thick Toenail Fungus?

I know you’re looking for a cure and not just a quick fix, but have you ever heard of filing away nail fungus? If you want to try it out, take your time and use this guide to file down your nails. It’s important that the surface area is smooth in order to get rid of the fungus.

Filing thick toenail fungus is a difficult task that often requires the use of an emery board, pumice stone, or even sandpaper. You will need plenty of patience as well as time if you want to see results with filing your nails. After filing, it is best to have someone apply antifungal cream on your toes and feet since nail fungus thrives in moist environments.

One way to help your nails and feet is by using an emery board. You place the emery board on top of the nail you want to file away and then use gentle pressure with your finger or thumb in order to file down the infected part of your nail. This process will take some time but it’s worth it if you have stubborn fungal nail infections like athlete’s foot or nail fungus

Should You File Fungal Nails?

Yes, you should file fungal nails as long as you use the right type of file because it will help the treatment to penetrate easily and get rid of fungal nails quickly and safely.

My Conclusion – Best Nail File For Fungus

TsMADDTs nail file and buffer is the best nail file in the market because it works well in conjunction with topical treatments because it helps with filling away excessive dry nail to allow the medication to penetrate easily and work effectively. If you are wondering what’s the right topical treatment you can use to treat your fungal infection go to zetaclear review to learn more. If you prefer home remedies click black seed oil for nail fungus or alternatively try clear touch for your nail fungus.


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Bob Jones is a former toenail fungus sufferer who is passionate about helping fellow nail fungus sufferers learn about effective treatments. His knowledge about nail fungus helped many people get rid of their fungal infection.

Free Cheat Sheet Reveals Secrets To Get Rid Of Stubborn Nail Fungus For Good

Download this cheat sheet and get rid of nail fungus without taking toxic pills, removing infected nails or spending money on expensive treatments that do not work

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