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Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak For Nail Fungus

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Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak For Nail Fungus

Using apple cider vinegar foot soak for nail fungus is one of the common, trusted and natural treatments that will help you avoid going to the medical doctor or podiatrist to take care of fungi and bacteria. It can also be used to clean foot odor and to disinfect shoes.

It is considered a low risk treatment when compared to other treatments like oral medication that have harsh effects on users. It is not only safe but also a cost effective remedy that is always available in our homes.

This article does not only show you how ACV soaks cure toenail fungus but also includes reviews made by previous users, the answer to how long it takes ACV to kill the infection, safety of pregnant women and diabetics and the side effects of using it.

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Does Apple Cider Vinegar Foot-Soak Cure Toenail Fungus?

There is enough valid clinical evidence to prove the efficacy of ACV to kill toenail fungus however there is a lot of anecdotal evidence to prove effectiveness of apple cider vinegar for foot soak when used repeatedly and over a period of time.

Nail fungus thrives in warm, dark, alkaline and moist environment and since ACV is acidic in nature, when applied on the affected nail and the surrounding skin, it causes the area to turn from alkaline to acidic and that condition is not suitable for fungal infection to thrive and multiply in.

In 2016, the journal of the american academy of dermatology published that acetic acid has strong antioxidants and antifungal properties that help with skin and feet fungal infection.

It is one of the commonly reviewed home treatments and people are sharing good results achieved after using this remedy every day. ACV when compared to oral treatments is a low risk treatment because it does not cause any side effects.

What Are ACV Foot-Soak Reviews

What really cleared my fungal nails was soaking them in ACV once a day for 20 minutes. After following the regimen for only three weeks I noticed improved appearance on my feet including the odor was gone in a week. If you are in search of an effective vinegar for toenail fungus just try ACV. Toto

Soaking my feet in ACV and using cotton ball to apply tea tree oil helped me get rid of nail fungus quickly after trying oral tablet that caused side effects and I stopped taking it immediately. I started to search for home remedy that work without causing adverse effects until I came across this solution. Lorain

Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak For Nail Fungus-How Long Does It Take?

How Long Does ACV Take To Cure Toenail Fungus

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There bodies of different people do not respond the same to ACV treatment so this is one of the reasons why the time it takes to cure infection vary for person to person including the fact that the strength of our immune system is not the same and we do not have the same level of infection to start with.

Make sure you use the best ACV brand as this is also the contributing factor on how quickly you kill toenail fungus. It will take average of 12 weeks to treat toenail fungus and more for severe fungal cases.

To speed up the healing process apply antifungal essential oil like oregano or tea tree oil immediately after foot bath.

To get maximum results during toenail fungus treatment make sure you treat your infected nail until a new fungus-free nail is growing to avoid reinfection.

How Often Should You Soak Your Feet

It is recommended to do foot soaking at least one a day for 30 minutes or twice daily in the morning for 15 minutes and before bed for another 15 minutes. If you have enough time on your side it is advisable to commit for two 30 minutes sessions daily to speed up the healing process.

The strength of the solution should also be taken into consideration because high potent solution is made by equal part water mixed with equal part ACV or less potent mixture of one part ACV and two parts warm water.

Can Diabetics Soak Their Feet In ACV

People with diabetes should consult their doctors before starting this treatment because they are already at risk and they should try at all cost to avoid aggravating their fungal condition.

ACV is known as a low risk treatment however I do not recommend it to any body with compromised immune system like HIV positive people.

Even though it is acidic in nature, when mixed with equal part water it becomes friendly for your skin provided you are not diabetic. There are over the counter products that are available for diabetic people suffering from fungal infections.

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What Are Side Effects Of Using ACV For Toenail Fungus?

Since ACV is made of 5-6% acetic acid even though is acid but a weak acid. We do not have a reported side effect caused by using it however I advice people to use it according to instructions recommended on this article.

Avoid using too much vinegar as this may cause skin irritation or minor skin burn when used undiluted. Wash your eyes with water if it is in contact with your eyes.

Are ACV foot soaks safe during pregnancy

ACV is one of the safe home remedies for pregnant women suffering from toenail fungus. Since pregnant women do not have a compromised immune system they may use these foot soaks to safely treat foot fungus. I recommend that you start with a solution of one part ACV and two parts water to avoid the slight irritation that may be caused by a strong mixture.

If you find patients with toenail fungus symptoms please share this information because this will help them see good results without adverse effects. To get treated you need to mix one cup ACV with one cup water and cover your affected nail with the solution and repeat this daily.

I did not use home remedies to clear my fungal nails instead I applied over the counter treatment for nail fungus because I was on a hurry to clear my unsightly nails and I share my story and other tips on review of zetaclear. Do you know you can also use oral treatment for nail fungus.

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Free Cheat Sheet Reveals Secrets To Get Rid Of Stubborn Nail Fungus For Good

Download this cheat sheet and get rid of nail fungus without taking toxic pills, removing infected nails or spending money on expensive treatments that do not work

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