A Step By Step Guide To Get Rid OF Nail Fungus

Do you want a step by step guide to get rid of nail fungus?

This ultimate guide to kill nail fungal infection will help you to clear your nails and restore them again.

In five years that I have been blogging about nail fungus I have shared this system you are about to learn
with many people and many of them came back to thank me for the advice I gave them.

I always ask them few questions like what do they think helped them the most to finally eliminate their nail infections, if they followed the system to the letter or not,

What do they do to keep nail fungus at bay and lastly I ask them if they would use the system if they were to treat nail infection again or they would make changes to how they treat their infection.

Over the years I have been refining this system considering the feedback I received from these people who used and eliminated their nail fungus using my recommendations.

Continue reading to learn how to start today.

Detox Your Liver Naturally

If your nail fungus is caused by toxic liver it’s important to treat it from inside.

Since you do not know what caused your nail infection, detoxing your liver is going to be the first step you take.

Cleanse your liver once every six months.

You do not need to go for muscle test like kinesiology to determine the toxicity of your liver. Ensure that you
use a natural and good treatment to cleanse your liver.

Treat Your Gut Problems

This is your next step after detoxing your liver. A leaky gut can be the culprit by flooding the bloodstream with unwanted bacteria and fungus.

To solve this problem you need to take good probiotics and make a small change to your diet by eating food that will help promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria like lean meat, cultured dairy products, healthy fats, fruits and fermented vegetables.

Your Body Needs Good Nutrition

Fungus loves sugar and carbohydrates.

You need to eat less carbs to starve nail fungus to death.

Good nutrition will help your immune system to be strong and help to eliminate fungus in your body.

Natural supplements will speed up the process if you incorporate them with the right nutrition.

Do not eliminate carbs completely in your diet, just reduce your intake.

Nail Preparation Is Everything

External nail fungus treatment starts with filing and cutting your nails. When your nails are adequately trimmed and filed it’s easy for nail infection to penetrate the nail bed to reach the fungus.

Make sure you trim your nails as back as you can tolerate and file off the infected part of the nail as deep as you can.

At least do this two times a week to improve medication absorption and speed up healing process.

Foot Soak

Anti-fungal foot soaks have two major benefits. They treat nail infection and at the same time soften the nail so that the topical treatment penetrates easily and deeply.

Ensure you soak your feet first before applying medication directly on the affected nails to improve absorption of the medication applied after foot soak.

Topical Application

I think you know by now that you need to apply different effective topical medications four to six times a day.

Before applying direct application on the infected nail you need to file and trim your nails adequately and soak your feet even in warm water to soften your nails to allow the treatment to penetrate deep into the fungus.

Ensure you push adequate cream under the front of the nail and around the nail bed to ensure maximum absorption.

Nail Fungus Elimination Tips

  • Diets like keto and carnivore will help kill nail fungus by starving it to death but you do not need to switch to it.
  • Always disinfect your shoes few times a week until you are 100% fungus-free.
  • Walking barefoot on a sand along sea water is very good for killing nail fungal infection.
  • Always clean with rubbing alcohol and toothbrush after filing or trimming your nails.
  • Develop a habit of peeing on your feet before taking a shower will help your nails because uric acid in urine is a natural anti-fungal.
  • Exposing infected nails to natural sunlight daily for at least ten minutes may help with eradicating fungal infection.
  • Properly drying your nails after taking a shower is needed to ensure that the infection does not multiply.

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